SVS EXO Series: The Integrator´s Industrial Camera

System integrators often have varying needs determined by the individual project requirements. The SVS EXO Series helps with the latest CCD & CMOS sensors. The industrial cameras are designed for easy and scalable integration, and to provide rich functionality with minimal effort.


The SVS EXO Series includes very flexible and economic cameras with advanced electronics. Powerful imaging features, a variety of in- and outputs, programmable logic controller (PLC) functionality and an integrated multichannel strobe controller aids system integrators with machine vision applications.

The camera is housed in precision-machined aluminum housing and is easy to integrate with its uniform mounting holes; the EXO provides a stable suspension bracket for any kind of lens.

An efficient thermal connection of the low-power dissipation electronics and the sensor to the aluminium housing enables for most EXOs to have an extended operating temperature range from -10°C…+60°C. The EXO comes in standard C-mount housing or are supported with a M42 mount (larger sensors). The EXO Tracer Series with full lens control and a Micro Four Thirds Bayonet is also available.

The integrated power-I/O interface with its PLC functionality takes care of simple control tasks in nanoseconds precision or drives up to 4 LED lights without additional components.

SVS EXO Industrial Camera Series Key Features:

  • Resolution 2.3 to 31 megapixel (up to 4/3″)
  • Latest CCD & CMOS sensors from Sony and CMOSIS
  • Monochrome and colour versions (Bayer pattern)
  • Various trigger and exposure modes
  • Logic trigger functions (PLC)
  • Adjustable gain, auto gain and auto- exposure
  • Binning mode
  • Area of interest (AOI / ROI)
  • White balance for color versions
  • C-Mount, M42 or Micro Four Thirds lens adapter
  • 8/12 Bit video data stream (14 Bit ADC with CCD)
  • 256 MB burst mode memory inside (GigE)
  • 4 x Power Output (4-channel strobe controller)
  • electric and optical input
  • Programmable sequencer für shutter and LED lights
  • SDK for Windows and Linux available
  • GenTL driver, GenICam 3.0 standard
  • Trigger voltage TTL-24V

SVS EXO Camera Link Series:

SVS EXO Camera Link CMOS & CCD Cameras combines existing and proven camera infrastructure with the newest range of image sensors. The serialised interface has gained wide popularity and acceptance thanks to its high bandwidth. The EXO series was the first Camera Link model to include features such as 4IO strobe controller and LUT.

ModelResolution (px x px)SensorSensor Size Frame Rate (fps)Colour or MonochromeMountDatasheet
exo174CCL1920 x 1200IMX174LQJ / Sony1/1.2"105ColourCDatasheet
exo174MCL1920 x 1200IMX174LLJ / Sony1/1.2"105MonochromeCDatasheet
exo252CCL2048 x 1536IMX252LQR / Sony1/1.8"78ColourCDatasheet
2048 x 1536IMX252LLR / Sony1/1.8"78MonochromeCDatasheet
exo250CCL2448 x 2048IMX250LQR / Sony2/3"49ColourCDatasheet
exo250MCL2448 x 2048IMX250LLR / Sony2/3"49MonochromeCDatasheet
exo694CCL2752 x 2200ICX694AQG / Sony1"25ColourCDatasheet
2752 x 2200ICX694ALG / Sony1"25MonochromeCDatasheet
exo267CCL4096 x 2160IMX267LQR / Sony1"28ColourCDatasheet
4096 x 2160IMX267LLR / Sony1"28MonochromeCDatasheet
exo814CCL3360 x 2712ICX814AQG / Sony1"18ColourCDatasheet
exo814MCL3360 x 2712ICX814ALG / Sony1"18MonochromeCDatasheet
4096 x 3000IMX304LQR / Sony1.1"20ColourCDatasheet
exo304MCL4096 x 3000IMX304LLR / Sony1.1"20MonochromeCDatasheet
5488 x 3672IMX183CQJ / Sony1"12ColourCDatasheet
exo183MCL5488 x 3672IMX183CLK / Sony1"12MonochromeCDatasheet

SVS EXO GigE Series:

The SVS EXO GigE series with GigE Vision interface offers your application scalability. Hardware which is quick and easy to interchange results in shorter design cycles and reduced development costs.

ModelResolution (px x px)SensorSensor Size Frame Rate (fps)Colour or MonochromeMountDatasheet
exo273CGE1440 x 1080IMX273LQR / Sony1/2.9"79ColourCDatasheet
exo273MGE1440 x 1080IMX273LLR / Sony1/2.9"79MonochromeCDatasheet
1920 x 1200IMX174LQJ / Sony1/1.2"52ColourCDatasheet
exo174MGE1920 x 1200IMX174LLJ / Sony1/1.2"52MonochromeCDatasheet
exo249CGE1920 x 1200IMX249LQJ / Sony1/1.2"41ColourCDatasheet
exo249MGE1920 x 1200IMX249LLJ / Sony1/1.2"41MonochromeCDatasheet
exo265CGE2048 x 1536IMX265LQR / Sony1/1.8"39ColourCDatasheet
exo265MGE2048 x 1536IMX265LLR / Sony1/1.8"39MonochromeCDatasheet
exo4000CGE2048 x 2048CMV4000-3E5C1PP / CMOSIS1"28ColourCDatasheet
exo4000MGE2048 x 2048CMV4000-3E5M1PP / CMOSIS1"28MonochromeCDatasheet
exo250CGE2448 x 2048IMX250LQR / Sony2/3"23ColourCDatasheet
exo250MGE2448 x 2048IMX250LLR / Sony2/3"23MonochromeCDatasheet
2448 x 2048IMX250MZR (polarized) / Sony2/3"23Monochrome PolarizedCDatasheet
exo264CGE2448 x 2048IMX264LQR / Sony2/3"23ColourCDatasheet
exo264MGE2448 x 2048IMX264LLR / Sony2/3"23MonochromeCDatasheet
exo428CGE3208 x 2200IMX428LQR / Sony1.1"17.5ColourCDatasheet
exo428MGE3208 x 2200IMX428LLR / Sony1.1"17.5MonochromeCDatasheet
exo267CGE4096 x 2160IMX267LQR / Sony1"13.5ColourCDatasheet
exo267MGE4096 x 2160IMX267LLR / Sony1"13.5MonochromeCDatasheet
exo253ZGE4096 x 3000IMX253MZR (polarized) / Sony1.1"10Monochrome PolarizedCDatasheet
exo304CGE4096 x 3000IMX304LQR / Sony1.1"10ColourCDatasheet
exo304MGE4096 x 3000IMX304LLR / Sony1.1"10MonochromeCDatasheet
exo387CGE5456 x 3076IMX387LQA / Sony21.7mm (4/3)7.4Colour M42CDatasheet
exo387MGE5456 x 3076IMX387LLA / Sony21.7mm (4/3)7.4Monochrome M42CDatasheet
4416 x 4428IMX367LQA / Sony21.6mm (4/3)6.2Colour M42CDatasheet
exo367MGE4416 x 4428IMX367LLA / Sony21.6mm (4/3)6.2MonochromeCDatasheet
exo183CGE5496 x 3672IMX183CQJ / Sony1"6ColourCDatasheet
exo183MGE5496 x 3672IMX183CLK / Sony1"6MonochromeCDatasheet
6464 x 4852IMX342LQA / Sony27.9mm (APS-C)3.8ColourCDatasheet
exo342MGE6464 x 4852IMX342LLA / Sony27.9mm (APS-C)3.8MonochromeCDatasheet

SVS EXO USB3 Series:

The USB3 Vision interface is easy to integrate in your system and an effective data rate up to 360 MB/sec. A single cable interface for power an data reduces cable complexity. Integrated multi channel GenICam LED light controller provides currents up to 3 A. EXO provides Plug-and-play capability for the whole range of 0.3 to 20 MP resolution.

ModelResolution (px x px)SensorSensor Size Frame Rate (fps)Colour or MonochromeMountDatasheet
1920 x 1200IMX174LQJ / Sony1/1.2"160ColourCDatasheet
1920 x 1200IMX174LLJ / Sony1/1.2"160MonochromeCDatasheet
exo249CU31920 x 1200IMX249LQJ / Sony1/1.2"41ColourCDatasheet
exo249MU31920 x 1200IMX249LLJ / Sony1/1.2"41MonochromeCDatasheet
exo252CU32048 x 1536IMX252LQR / Sony1/1.8"115ColourCDatasheet
2048 x 1536IMX252LLR / Sony1/1.8"115MonochromeCDatasheet
2048 x 1536IMX265LQR / Sony1/1.8"55ColourCDatasheet
exo265MU32048 x 1536IMX265LLR / Sony1/1.8"55MonochromeCDatasheet
exo4000CU32048 x 2048CMV4000-3E5C1PP / CMOSIS1"74ColourCDatasheet
exo4000MU32048 x 2048CMV4000-3E5M1PP / CMOSIS1"74MonochromeCDatasheet
exo250CU32448 x 2048IMX250LQR / Sony2/3"75ColourCDatasheet
exo250MU32448 x 2048IMX250LLR / Sony2/3"75MonochromeCDatasheet
exo250ZU32448 x 2048IMX250MZR (polarized) / Sony2/3"75Monochrome PolarizedCDatasheet
2448 x 2048IMX264LQR / Sony2/3"35ColourCDatasheet
2448 x 2048IMX264LLR / Sony2/3"35MonochromeCDatasheet
exo694CU32752 x 2200ICX694AQG / Sony1"25ColourCDatasheet
exo694MU32752 x 2200ICX694ALG / Sony1"25MonochromeCDatasheet
exo428CU33208 x 2200IIMX428LQR / Sony1.1"51.4ColourCDatasheet
exo428MU33208 x 2200IIMX428LLR / Sony1.1"51.4MonochromeCDatasheet
exo255CU34096 x 2160IMX255LQR / Sony1"42ColourCDatasheet
exo255MU34096 x 2160IMX255LLR / Sony1"42MonochromeCDatasheet
exo267CU34096 x 2160IMX267LQR / Sony1"32ColourCDatasheet
exo267MU34096 x 2160IMX267LLR / Sony1"32MonochromeCDatasheet
exo814CU33360 x 2712ICX814AQG / Sony1"18ColourCDatasheet
exo814MU33360 x 2712ICX814ALG / Sony1"18MonochromeCDatasheet
exo253CU34096 x 3000IMX253LQR / Sony1.1"30ColourCDatasheet
4096 x 3000IMX253LLR / Sony1.1"30MonochromeCDatasheet
exo304CU34096 x 3000IMX304LQR / Sony1.1"23ColourCDatasheet
exo304MU34096 x 3000IMX304LLR / Sony1.1"23MonochromeCDatasheet
exo387CU35456 x 3076IMX387LQA / Sony21.7mm (4/3)22ColourM42Datasheet
exo387MCU35456 x 3076IMX387LLA / Sony21.7mm (4/3)22MonochromeM42Datasheet
4416 x 4428IMX367LQA / Sony21.6mm (4/3)19ColourM42Datasheet
exo367MU34416 x 4428IMX367LLA / Sony21.6mm (4/3)19MonochromeM42Datasheet
5496 x 3672IMX183CQJ / Sony1"17ColourM42Datasheet
5496 x 3672IMX183CLK / Sony1"17MonochromeM42Datasheet
exo342CU36464 x 4852IMX342LQA / Sony27.9mm (APS-C)12ColourM42Datasheet
exo342MU36464 x 4852IMX342LLA / Sony27.9mm (APS-C)12MonochromeM42Datasheet

Find out about the EXO Tracer series which has fully functional lens control here.


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