Insion offers ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) microspectrometers. These are based on a self-focusing Echellette diffraction grating in the Rowland configuration. The functional elements – entrance slit, reflective grating, deflecting mirror and light traps – are monolithically integrated into a single chip. The microspectrometers are homogeneously manufactured to a high standard with excellent optical performance and inter instrument agreement using micro-injection moulding.

There are no move parts in the spectrometer. This unique design gives our products the following advantages:

  • The micro spectrometers are extremely robust against harsh environments like mechanical shock, vibrations, temperature, humidity and dust.
  • The products are very cost-effective, especially in high volume production
  • Excellent Inter instrument agreement and transferability of calibrations. No periodical re-calibration necessary
  • Small dimensions, lightweight, low power consumption

The state-of-the-art photo detector facilitates precise measurements in the UV, VIS and NIR range in hand held devices and in-line process sensors. A large range of options are available. These include models designed for end-users and OEM customers. Alongside the standard UV/VIS and NIR range, two channel spectrometers, wide range (NIR to UV) spectrometers and mobile analytical spectrometer systems are also available. Insion microspectrometers are integrated into devices that are approved by the FDA, ranging from medical diagnostics, typical areas include in-vitro assays, clinical analysers, point-of-care applications, innovative reagentless hand-held blood analysers and trans-dermal spectral analysers.

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