Confocal Microscopes

Photon Lines has a range of add-on systems for advanced microscopy, including the Aurox ClarityHS, which is the next generation in laser free confocal instruments. The system uses the Aurox patented structured illumination spinning disc design. Structured illumination achieves significantly greater light through the spinning disc compared with the original Nipkov pinhole design. As a result, structured illumination affords higher resolution, higher quality confocal images.The HS of ClarityHS stands for High Speed which comes from its fast, up to 100 frames per second full frame video capture rate. This fast imaging ability makes the ClarityHS ideal for higher resolution 3D time lapse imaging.The ClarityHS can record comparable images to laser scanning confocal microscopes, faster and from an easy to use and more affordable device; both in terms of initial purchase price and on-going maintenance.

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