Photonic Components for Point of Care

Photon Lines has a range of photonic components which are being used in the high volume manufacture of fluorescence based diagnostics instruments.

Insion, our microspectrometer supplier, is highly involved in the entire manufacturing process for a groundbreaking compact point-of-care diagnostic instrument which has recently received approval, from highly discerning governments, for emergency use in fighting the COVID pandemic.

Insion designed, using an optical simulation model, and prototyped the entire optical signal path (“spectral engine”) of the instrument platform. The end product is being used extensively in a range of diagnostic applications, including rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Testing, and is comprised of a universal platform into which a microfluidic strip containing the contents of a nasal swab is inserted. The instrument detects antigen nucleocapsid protein, with results in under 12 minutes from sample application in symptomatic patients.

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