Physical Sciences

Monarch II Multispectral Camera – Android App Tutorial
Unispectral Monarch II Multispectral Camera – Spectral imaging analysis in the palm of your hand
Introduction to Resonon hyperspectral imaging cameras
Discover the new HyperCam Airborne Mini
Mikrotron 2020 Company Video
SENSOCELL Features and Applications Summary
Particle Image Velocimetry PIV with the pco panda 26 DS

Life sciences

Frequency Domain Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy – A Hands On Session
FD Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging System Improvements & Applications!
MINFLUX is the ultimate super resolution fluorescence microscope
From zero to STED in no time
Clarity LFC From boxed instrument to processed confocal stack in under 5 minutes
Minflux Hero

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