SVS-Vistek SWIR cameras

The SWIR cameras based on the EXO and FXO series offer an extremely wide usable spectral range of 400-1700nm with the Sony SenSWIR sensor. Highly efficient thermal management of the housing is the basis of the outstanding dynamic range and homogeneity of the image. The integrated 4-channel strobe controller supports complex illumination and analysis scenarios.


SVS-Vistek SWIR cameras incorporate Sony SenSWIR technology and the proven EXO and FXO camera platforms. Thanks to their wide spectral range and high sensitivity, SVS-Vistek SWIR cameras combine the benefits of an extremely compact footprint with a range from 400nm VIS to the SWIR range at 1700nm. With an innovative thermal design, users can have outstanding optical quality and dynamic range results, potentially using a single camera for multiple areas of the light spectrum.

  • Sony SenSWIR sensor with 400 – 1700 nm spectral sensitivity and high quantum efficiency
  • Advanced Two-Point NUC (Non Uniformity Correction)
  • CoaXpress-12 delivers lowest latency and highest speed
  • 10GigE for economical bandwidth and ease of integration
  • LUT, Binning, ROI, Burst Mode
  • Up to 60°C (140°F) operating temperature
  • Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface with SafeTrigger, logic functions, programmable sequencers and timers, RS232 interface, electrical and optical inputs, GenICam and GenTL

SVS-Vistek SWIR Cameras

ModelResolution (px x px)SensorSensor Size Frame Rate (fps)Colour or MonochromeMountInterfaceDatasheet
exo991MGE640 x 512IMX991AABJ / Sony4.1mm (Typ 1/4)260SWIRCGigEDatasheet
exo990MGE1280 x 1024IMX990AABJ / Sony8.2mm (Typ 1/2)94.4SWIRCGigEDatasheet
fxo990MCX1280 x 1024IMX990AABJ / Sony8.2mm (Typ 1/2)134SWIRCCXP-12 with 1 connectionDatasheet

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The wide spectral range from 400nm up to 1700nm can meet your most specialized application requirements. Within this band, many substances can be identified by their absorption characteristics. Typical use cases are found in the solar and electronics industries (inspection of silicon), in the pharmaceutical sector (substance determination, detection of impurities) or in food production (fruit, rot, pressure marks). Even simple detection of water, fill detection and/or water vapor is easily seen by SWIR, as well as leakage (with oil/water discrimination). The multichannel strobe controller provides particular support for substance detection with multiple narrow-band illuminations.

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