Microscope Control

VisiView® is a high performance imaging software from Visitron Systems GmbH for BioImaging applications. It is specially designed to meet the needs for high speed image acquisition and processing with ease of use. Visitron’s software controls complex automated microscopes and accessories, allowing multidimensional acquisition and analysis. It allows simultaneous image acquisition and analysis. VisiView® software is simple to use, and integrates seamlessly integration with the most complicated microscope assemblies.
To support VisiView®, the manufacturer offers ViRTEx-100/200, which provides sophisticated electronics for highly accurately timed experimental control. Applications include Confocal, FRAP and TIRF experiments, all of which need fast and highly accurate TTL synchronisation of scientific interline, frame-transfer or sCMOS cameras with all types of light source.
Furthermore for precise Z-stack 3D image acquisition, highly accurate Z-Focus Piezo control is also supported.

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