SVS ECO Series Machine Vision Cameras


The ECO series offers unparalleled flexibility with an excellent price-performance ratio. The cameras use well-known Sony CCD sensors and were designed to provide the highest frame rates paired with excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The ECO series features Kodak multitap sensors with outstanding speed and and uniformity. Supporting GigE Vision and GenICam standards, the ECO series opens up new possibilities for integrating into various applications.

The SVS ECO Series Machine Vision Cameras series include the ECO Standard, ECO POE (Power over Ethernet), ECO IP67 and the ECO 4IO series.

ECO Series Machine Vision Cameras Key Features:

  • Progressive Scan CCD sensors
  • Monochrome and color (Bayer pattern, auto white balance)
  • Various trigger (int./ext./free running) and exposure modes
  • Adjustable gain, auto gain and auto exposure
  • Various binning modes
  • Area of interest (AOI)
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface with max. 120 MB/s datarate
  • GigE-Vision and GenICam standard compliant
  • 8/12 Bit video data stream (14 Bit ADC)
  • 64 MB frame buffer inside
  • Industrial I/O-Concept: 2 x In (TTL-24 V), RS-422, RS-232, Safe Trigger, programmable logic, sequencer, 2 x Out (24 V, 0,3 A)
  • CS/C-Mount lens interface
  • Operating temperature -10°C (non-condensing) to +45°C
  • Wide range Power conditions: 10 – 25 V DC
  • SDK for Windows and Linux available
  • Sequence-Shutter and enhanced Strobe-Functionality
  • 4 x Output (24 V, 0,3 A), e.g. for strobing LEDs
  • Prepared for Lens- and Pan/Tilt unit control

ECO Standard Series CCD :

The SVS ECO Standard Series CCD machine vision cameras have an extremely compact design (38 x 38 x 33 mm) and offers the best value for money. The cameras combines resolution ranging from VGA to 5 MegaPixel with high frame rates. The ECO is small, robust and fit for the factory floor. It is manufactured with precision, reliable and PLC ready.

ModelResolution (px x px)SensorSensor Size Frame RateColour or MonochromeMountDatasheet
656 x 492ICX414AQ / Sony1/2"125ColourCSDatasheet
eco414MVGE656 x 492ICX414AL / Sony1/2"125MonochromeCSDatasheet
eco424CVGE656 x 492ICX424AQ / Sony1/3"124ColourCSDatasheet
eco424MVGE656 x 492
ICX424AQ / Sony1/3"124MonochromeCSDatasheet
eco618MVGE656 x 494ICX618ALA / Sony1/4"155MonochromeCSDatasheet
eco415CVGE780 x 580ICX415AQ / Sony1/2"86ColourCSDatasheet
eco415MVGE780 x 580ICX415AL / Sony1/2"86MonochromeCSDatasheet
eco204CVGE1024 x 776ICX204AK / Sony
eco204MVGE1024 x 776ICX204AL / Sony1/3"47MonochromeCSDatasheet
eco445CVGE1296 x 964ICX445AQA / Sony1/3"30ColourCSDatasheet
eco445MVGE1296 x 964ICX445ALA / Sony1/3"30MonochromeCSDatasheet
1392 x 1040ICX267AK / Sony
1392 x 1040ICX267AL / Sony
eco285CVGE1392 x 1040ICX285AQ / Sony2/3"34ColourCDatasheet
eco285MVGE1392 x 1040ICX285AL / Sony2/3"34MonochromeCDatasheet
eco274CVGE1600 x 1236ICX274AQ / Sony
eco274MVGE1600 x 1236ICX274AL / Sony1/1.8"26.5MonochromeCSDatasheet
eco674CTLGEC1920 x 1460ICX674AQG / Sony1"19.9ColourCDatasheet
eco674MTLGEC1920 x 1460ICX674ALG / Sony1"19.9MonochromeCDatasheet
eco625CTLGEA2448 x 2050ICX625AQA / Sony2/3"20ColourCSDatasheet
eco625MTLGEA2448 x 2050ICX625ALA / Sony2/3"20MonochromeCSDatasheet
2448 x 2050ICX655AQA / Sony2/3"10ColourCSDatasheet
2448 x 2050ICX655AQA / Sony2/3"10MonochromeCSDatasheet
eco695CTLGEC2752 x 2204ICX695AQG / Sony1"10.1ColourCDatasheet
eco695MTLGEC2752 x 2204ICX695ALG / Sony1"10.1MonochromeCDatasheet
eco815CTLGEC3360 x 2712ICX815AQA / Sony1"7ColourCDatasheet
eco815MTLGEC3360 x 2712ICX815ALA / Sony1"7MonochromeCDatasheet
eco834CTLGEC4224 x 2838ICX834AQG / Sony1"5.5ColourCDatasheet
eco834MTLGEC4224 x 2838ICX834ALG / Sony1"5.5ColourCDatasheet

ECO 4IO Series:

The SVS ECO 4IO Cameras are a masters in LED illumination and communication, and have the ability to control the timing for illumination precisely. 4 power outputs and 4 inputs (0-24 Volt) provide maximum of control. Each output can be configured separately to fit the task and type of illumination. Open up new possibilities for your application with the fully programmable sequencer. The series includes a large range of monochrome and colour CCD cameras with global shutter; they are designed for machine vision application where illumination is a key concern.

ModelResolution (px x px)SensorSensor Size Frame Rate (fps)Colour or MonochromeMountDatasheet
eco424MVGE4IO656 x 492ICX424AL / Sony
eco618MVGE4IO656 x 494ICX618ALA / Sony
1296 x 964ICX424AQ / Sony1/3"30ColourCSDatasheet
1296 x 964ICX445ALA / Sony1/3"30MonochromeCSDatasheet
eco267MVGE4IO1392 x 1040ICX267AL / Sony1/2"25MonochromeCSDatasheet
eco274CVGE4IO1600 x 1236ICX274AQ / Sony1/1.8"26.5ColourCSDatasheet
eco274MVGE4IO1600 x 1236ICX274AL / Sony1/1.8"26.5MonochromeCSDatasheet
eco625CTLGEA4IO2448 x 2050ICX625AQA / Sony2/3"20ColourCSDatasheet
eco625MTLGEA4IO2448 x 2050ICX625ALA / Sony2/3"20MonochromeCSDatasheet
2448 x 2050ICX655ALA / Sony2/3"10MonochromeCSDatasheet

ECO Power over Ethernet Series:

The SVS ECO PoE Series is designed for machine vision applications where the machinery does not need to be connected directly to the camera. The PoE series simplifies the installation as only a single cable is required.

ModelResolution (px x px)SensorSensor Size Frame Rate (fps)Colour or MonochromeMountDatasheet
656 x 492ICX424AQ / Sony1/3"124ColourCSDatasheet
656 x 492ICX424AL / Sony1/3"124MonochromeCSDatasheet
1024 x 776IICX204AK / Sony1/3"47ColourCSDatasheet
1392 x 1040ICX267AK / Sony1/2"25ColourCSDatasheet

1600 x 1236ICX274AQ / Sony1/1.8"26.5ColourCSDatasheet

ECO IP67 »BlackLine« Series:

Factory automation is dependent on reliable and efficient solutions. For this to happen, the components for machinery, controls and industrial image processing need to work in total harmony. SVS ECO IP67 »BlackLine« Series makes it easier and more cost efficient to integrate the delicate image processing parts in harsh environments. The SVS ECO IP67 »BlackLine« Series is equipped with a waterproof housing and a M12 connector for industrial field wiring.

ModelResolution (px x px)SensorSensor Size Frame Rate (fps)Colour or MonochromeMountDatasheet
656 x 492ICX414AQ / Sony1/2"125ColourCDatasheet
eco414MVGE67656 x 492ICX414AL / Sony1/2"125MonochromeCDatasheet
eco424MVGE67656 x 492ICX424AL / Sony1/3"124MonochromeCDatasheet
eco618MVGE67656 x 494ICX618ALA / Sony1/4"155MonochromeCDatasheet
780 x 580ICX415AL / Sony1/2"86MonochromeCDatasheet
1024 x 776ICX204AK / Sony1/3"47ColourCDatasheet
1024 x 776ICX204AL / Sony1/3"47MonochromeCDatasheet
1296 x 964ICX445AQA / Sony1/3"30ColourCDatasheet
eco445MVGE671296 x 964ICX445ALA / Sony1/3"30MonochromeCDatasheet
1392 x 1040ICX267AK / Sony1/2"25ColourCDatasheet
eco267MVGE671392 x 1040ICX267AL / Sony1/2"25MonochromeCDatasheet
1600 x 1236ICX274AQ / Sony1/1.8"26.5ColourCDatasheet
eco274MVGE671600 x 1236ICX274AL / Sony1/1.8"26.5MonochromeCDatasheet
eco655CVGE672448 x 2050ICX655AQA / Sony2/3"10ColourCDatasheet
eco655MVGE672448 x 2050ICX655ALA / Sony2/3"10MonochromeCDatasheet

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