SFS QuickFocus

SFS QuickFocus System is a nanopositioner/scanner for microscope objectives



SFS-D00100 is a nanopositioner/scanner for microscope objectives. The advantages relative to other products on the market are: shortened body to give more handling space and improved dynamics for faster positioning/scanning

  • fast
  • compact
  • various adapters

Product CodeSFS-D00100Unit
Position-SensorSGS, Full-Bridge
Range, Closed Loop100µm
Range, Open Loop (0...150V)100µm
Range, Open Loop (-45...180V)160µm
Resolution, open loop0.5nm
Resolution, closed loop1.0nm
Linearity, closed loop0.2%
Push/Pull, maximum20/10N
Lateral Force, maximum10N
Resonance, with thread-adapter620Hz
Resonance, with 150 g objective260Hz
Electrical Capacitance @ 1V eff, 1kHz3.3µF
Operating Temperature-20..80°C

Suggested drivers:

Open Loop EBO- 050100 Closed loop EBD-120210

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  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)​
  • Autofocus Systems​
  • Cell Tracking​
  • Microscopy, especially all near-field​
  • Nanoalignment​
  • Nanometrology​
  • Super Resolution Microscopy​
  • Z-stacking​

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