Piezo-Actuators and Nano-Positioning Systems

The founders and engineers from our new supplier nanoFaktur are long-experienced specialists in piezo-actuators and nano-positioning systems. This comprises sensing, actuation and nano-positioning, based on solid-state elements. Mechanics from nanoFaktur are designed using the finite-elements-method (FEM), which results in their products remaining stable over many years and many operating cycles. Electronics from nanoFaktur are designed to optimize the performance of their piezo-systems. Low noise and high-accuracy are very important for nano-positioning, and thanks to many years experience in the industry, nanoFaktur achieve this goal every time. Just as importantly, the user-interfaces and software are designed to give the best overview and access to the most important parameters for a wide range of applications and environments.


Even classical optical microscopy requires precision positioning, and Photon Lines’ range of advanced Light Microscopes, including Super Resolution Microscopes operating in the nanometre regime, using the STED technique invented by Abberior Instruments, demand the best X-Y-Z positioning systems available. Modern high definition sensors used in non-optical microscopes (STM, AFM, SEM, etc. ) demand resolutions down to nanometres or even picometres. nanoFaktur makes nano-positioners for objectives, other probes and for samples. All 6 degrees of freedom can be covered.

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