SVS Super High Resolution Machine Vision Cameras


The SVS Super High Resolution Machine Vision Cameras features low-noise half-frame CCD and CMOS images sensors with large pixels in a class of its own. Excellent tap balancing and an outstanding mechanical and optical precision make this camera suited for the most demanding imaging tasks. Low noise and state-of-the-art linearity are combined with user defined pixel correction and user defined shading correction. The cameras uses the CoaXPress interface, which currently is the fastest standardized industrial solution for long-distance industrial cameras with thin cables. The industrial camera I/O interface facilitates integration.

Key Features of SVS Super High Resolution Machine Vision Cameras :

  • High resolution with large pixels and an optimized image rate
  • Progressive scan / global shutter CCD from ON Semi
  • Rolling shutter CMOS sensors from Sony
  • Mono and color (Bayer pattern, auto white balance)
  • 512 MB internal image memory
  • Custom defect pixel correction
  • User definable lens shading correction
  • ROI, look up table, binning, gamma, offset
  • Compatible with GenICam
  • Shutter speed: manual / auto / external trigger
  • Integrated multi channel LED strobe controller
  • Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface with SafeTrigger, programmable logic functions, sequencers and timers, RS232
  • Numerous M72 lens adaptors for virtually any industrial lens

SVS Super High Resolution CoaXPress Cameras:

ModelResolution (px x px)SensorSensor Size Frame Rate (fps)Colour or MonochromeMountInterfaceDatasheet
11648 x 8742IMX461LQA / Sony55mm 8.7ColourM72x0.75CXP-6 4 LanesDatasheet
11648 x 8742IMX461LLA / Sony55mm 8.7MonochromeM72x0.75CXP-6 4 LanesDatasheet
shr411CCX14192 x 10640IMX411AQR / Sony66.69mm6.1ColourM72x0.75CXP-6 4 LanesDatasheet
shr411MCX14192 x 10640IMX411ALR / Sony66.69mm6.1MonochromeM72x0.75CXP-6 4 LanesDatasheet

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