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Advanced Light Microscopy

Photon Lines Limited offers a range of complementary products for the advanced light microscopy field, including fluorescence microscopes and components for testing and maintaining the quality of fluorescence microscopes to ensure they are operating at their optimum performance. There is a range of fully supported microscopes and microscope attachments, with demonstration equipment which includes Abberior InstrumentsSTEDYCON, developed and manufactured by the original inventors of the STED technique, for which they received the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. during the current COVID 19 pandemic demonstrations are currently normally online, but these can be organised at short notice, and testing of customers’ samples is still possible. Factory visits to one of Abberior Instruments’ facilities are currently not possible, but again, demonstrations of their Infinity Line and Facility Line, and even the new, revolutionary MINFLUX system can be arranged online. The MINFLUX system is the first and only nanoscope in the world that offers molecule size resolution, with the ability to image 2 nm localisations and molecular movement with up to 10 kHz, that is one data point every 100 µs

Impetux, a worldwide key manufacturer and supplier of turnkey optical tweezers systems, has recently been added to Photon Lines’ portfolio. Designed for mechanobiology studies in living cells and 3D tissues, SENSOCELL allows manipulating and deforming cells as whole or even endogenous structures such as the cell membrane, the cell nucleus, vesicles and other organelles while tracking the in vivo biological forces involved, even inside living tissues. Cell mechanobiology is used in studies like cell micro-rheology, nucleus mechanotransduction, cell membrane mechanics, molecular motor activity and cell-cell interactions. SENSOCELL enables outstanding and unprecedented optical trapping experiences to explore new ways to boost our customers’ research.

We are very pleased to be working with Oxford University spinout, Aurox Ltd, manufacturer of Clarity, which uses Aurox’s patented structured illumination technology and a spinning disc to achieve high resolution, high quality confocal images, fast, easily and affordably. Clarity packs 15 years of Aurox confocal microscopy and optical technology into the World’s most compact, high performance confocal imager. A recent addition to the Aurox stable is Aurox unity, the first in a new breed of all-in-one, compact laser-free confocal microscope systems designed for ease of access and ease of use in your laboratory, at your bench.

You can learn more about these exciting products by clicking on the appropriate link below. Our specialist in life sciences and bioimaging, Dr Ruedi Bader will be delighted to hear from you, so click here if you would like to discuss your application

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