CinSpot Focus Beam Profiler (Laser 3D Printing)

The Focus Beam Profiler HP-FBP-fix is a compact tool to measure the focused laser beam (typically on high-power lasers for 3D printing machines such as SLM, EOS, 3D Systems etc). Its operational robustness and reliability ensures continuous use applications especially in industrial applications.


CinSpot Focus Beam Profiler (FBP) for Laser Additive Manufacturing 

The CinSpot Focus Beam Profiler is a compact tool for measuring and characterising high-power lasers for 3D printing machines such as SLM, EOS, 3D Systems. It is robust and reliable, ensures continuous, fault free use, especially in industrial applications. The whole measuring process is controlled by Cinogy’s software RayCi.

Cinogy‘s focus beam profilers are robust and compact analysis systems for focused lasers with up to 400W (FBP-1KF) and 1kW (FBP-2KF) power. The integrated CMOS sensor with USB3.0 interface enables precise real-time measurements.

The FBP’s are based on a multi-stage high-performance attenuator. An additional replaceable filter insert supports optimal adaptation of the attenuation to the respective laser power. The focused laser beam is guided directly to the sensor without imaging optics. Complex corrections of laser power-dependent image errors are no longer necessary.

The optical design allows for broadband use and covers all main wavelengths in material processing e.g. in service and maintenance of 3d metal printers, in the automotive industry, as well as in display and semiconductor applications.

Key Features:

  • Focus size and position, M²-analysis, etc.
  • High-resolution CMOS sensor
  • Robust and compact measurement tool in industrial design (24/7)
  • Quick and easy integration in optical set-up
  • Water cooled
  • Clean air flushing
  • Absolute power calibration e.g. 1070nm
  • 2D- and 3D-Caustic-Fit for visualizing focus parameter

View/Download the datasheet here.

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