SVS EXO Tracer Series

System integrators often have varying needs determined by the individual project requirements. The SVS EXO Tracer Series helps with the latest CCD & CMOS sensors. The industrial cameras are designed for easy and scalable integration, and to provide rich functionality with minimal effort.


The EXO Tracer is part of the EXO series by SVS Vistek. The Tracer comes with powerful camera features and fully functional lens control (focuszoomaperture). The Tracer has a Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens mount, covering all electric connections. Due to the size of the MFT Bayonet, the Tracer is a bit larger than the original EXO camera. The EXO Tracer has an operating temperature of up to 60°C.

All MFT lenses feature a specific beam geometry on the sensor side of the lens; this complements sensors between 2/3″ and 1.2″ and results in nearly perfect flat-field images. Together with up to 72 dB dynamic range and up to 20 MP resolution, the Tracer delivers excellent image quality.

The lens properties are integrated into the camera’s GenICam 3.0 tree. Any GenICam-driven software can be used for lens control without additional drivers. This is also the case for the integrated LED strobe control; all the options are adjustable via GenICam. This allows effortless and quick machine vision integration.

Tests at SVS-Vistek showed a surprising high repeatability of the lenses, even after 1 million focus cycles.

SVS EXO Tracer Features:

  • Full control of lens (focus, zoom, aperture)
  • Global shutter
  • Monochrome and colour versions (Bayer Pattern)
  • Various trigger (int./ext./free running) and exposure modes
  • Logic-Trigger functions (PLC)
  • Adjustable gain, auto gain and auto- exposure
  • Various binning modes
  • Area of interest modes (AOI)
  • White balance for color versions
  • Micro Four Thirds lens adapter
  • 8/12 Bit video data stream (14 Bit ADC)
  • 256 MB burst mode frame store
  • 4 x Power Output (PWM)
  • Programmable sequencer für shutter and LED illumination
  • SDK for Windows (32/64 Bit) und Linux available
  • GenICam 3.0 standard compliant
  • Integrated multichannel strobe controller

SVS EXO Tracer Models:

ModelResolution (px x px)SensorSensor Size Frame Rate (fps)Colour or MonochromeMountInterfaceDatasheet
exo304CGETR4096 x 3000IMX304LQR / Sony1.1"10ColourMFTGigEDatasheet
exo304MGETR4096 x 3000IMX304LLR / Sony1.1"10MonochromeMFTGigEDatasheet
exo387CGETR5456 x 3076IMX387LQA / Sony21.7mm (4/3)7.4ColourMFTGigEDatasheet
exo387MGETR5456 x 3076IMX387LLA / Sony21.7mm (4/3)7.4MonochromeMFTGigEDatasheet
exo387CU3TR5456 x 3076IMX387LQA / Sony21.7mm (4/3)22ColourMFTUSB3Datasheet
exo387MU3TR5456 x 3076IMX387LLA / Sony21.7mm (4/3)22MonochromeMFTUSB3Datasheet
exo367CGETR4416 x 4428IMX367LQA / Sony21.6mm (4/3)6.2ColourMFTGigEDatasheet
exo367MGETR4416 x 4428IMX367LLA / Sony21.6mm (4/3)6.2MonochromeMFTGigEDatasheet
exo367CU3TR4416 x 4428IMX367LQA / Sony21.6mm (4/3)19ColourMFTUSB3Datasheet
exo367MU3TR4416 x 4428IMX367LLA / Sony21.6mm (4/3)19MonochromeMFTUSB3Datasheet
5496 x 3672IMX183CQJ / Sony1"6ColourMFTGigEDatasheet
5496 x 3672IMX183CQJ / Sony1"6MonochromeMFTGigEDatasheet

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