The production of pharmaceuticals is subject to highest quality and safety requirements. Processes can be monitored, analysed and optimised consistently with the help of MIKROTRON high-speed cameras. By doing so, the high quality maintained in the pharmaceutical industry can be assured and the efficiency of the production processes increased.

The design of the high-speed camera is ideally suited for the pharmaceutics and packaging industry. Even under extreme conditions (e.g. varying temperatures, vibrations, difficult lighting situations, spatial limitations), they reliably provide high quality images at high speed.

In the pharmaceutical and packaging industry often long duration recording is necessary in order to completely capture processes and unexpected events or very fast successive single events. For these applications, MIKROTRON long duration recording systems are a perfect solution. In continuous process control the pictures are transferred directly to a ring buffer hard disk system in real time. In this way, interruptions that usually occur due to time-consuming read out of data from the camera are avoided.

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