SVS High Resolution Machine Vision Camera Series


Achieve the highest possible resolutions for industrial machine vision with the SVS High Resolution Machine Vision Camera Series. The cameras are equipped with powerful Camera Link or CoaXPress interfaces. An elaborately designed housing ensures excellent temperature management and allows fanless operation.

Special care has been taken to manage the homogeneity of the high-resolution sensors. Excellent tap balancing, lens shading correction for demanding optical tasks and customizable defective pixel correction ensure outstanding linearity, homogeneity and low noise.

SVS High Resolution Machine Vision Camera Series Key Features:

  • CCD and CMOS sensors from CANON, Sony and ON Semi
  • Monochrome and color (Bayer pattern, auto white balance)
  • Housing with M58 lens thread
  • 14 bit AD converter with 8 or 12 bit transmission (CCD)
  • Tap balancing, defect pixel correction
  • ROI, LUT, binning, gamma, offset
  • Integrated multi channel LED strobe controller
  • Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface with SafeTrigger, programmable logic functions, sequencers and timers, RS232
  • Available with Camera Link or CoaXPress interface (Dual and 10 GigE interface in development)

SVS High Resolution Camera Link Series:

The SVS High Resolution Camera Link Series offers high data rates, deterministic timing and direct access to the image sensor.

ModelResolution (px x px)SensorSensor Size Frame Rate (fps)Colour or MonochromeMountInterfaceDatasheet
hr25CCL5120 x 5120NOIP1SE025KA-GDI / ON Semiconductor APS-H (32.58 mm)31ColourM58x0.75Camera Link 80-BitDatasheet
hr25MCL5120 x 5120NOIP1SN025KA-GDI / ON Semiconductor APS-H (32.58 mm)31MonochromeM58x0.75Camera Link 80-BitDatasheet
hr120CCL13272 x 9176120MXSC / Canon
APS-H (35.5 mm)6.8ColourM58x0.75Camera Link 80-BitDatasheet
hr120MCL13272 x 9176120MXSM / Canon
APS-H (35.5 mm)6.8MonochromeM58x0.75Camera Link 80-BitDatasheet

SVS High Resolution CoaXPress Series:

The interface standard CoaXPress was developed to meet the need for higher bandwidth generated by recently launched sensors. SVS-Vistek provides CoaXPress cameras with 4 CXP-6 lines. Thus, the CXP data interface is providing 25 GBit/s. All CoaXPress cameras can be operated with fewer data lines at reduced bandwidth. The CoaXPress series focuses on the latest CMOS sensors with the highest resolutions. Excellent thermal design and electronics provide superb image quality and low noise.

ModelResolution (px x px)SensorSensor Size Frame Rate (fps)Colour or MonochromeMountInterfaceDatasheet
hr25CCX5120 x 5120NOIP1SE025KA-GDI / ON SemiconductorAPS-H (32.58mm)80ColourM58x0.75CXP-6 4 LanesDatasheet
hr25MCX5120 x 5120NOIP1SN025KA-GDI / ON SemiconductorAPS-H (32.58mm)80MonochromeM58x0.75CXP-6 4 LanesDatasheet
6464 x 4852IMX342LQA / Sony APS-C (27.9mm)35.4ColourM58x0.75CXP-6 4 LanesDatasheet
6464 x 4852IMX342LLA / Sony APS-C (27.9mm)35.4MonochromeM58x0.75CXP-6 4 LanesDatasheet
hr120CCX13264 x 9176120MXSC / Canon APS-H (35.48mm)9.3ColourM58x0.75CXP-6 4 LanesDatasheet
hr120MCX13264 x 9176120MXSM / Canon APS-H (35.48mm)9.3MonochromeM58x0.75CXP-6 4 LanesDatasheet

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