LightHUB+® Laser Light Engines

LightHUB+® – Plug&Play Laser Light Engines with up to 6 user-upgradable wavelengths.


The LightHUB+® Plug&Play laser light engines can be equipped with up to six DPSS or diode lasers of different wavelengths in a compact and rugged design. Wavelengths between 375nm and 1550nm and optical output powers up to 300mW per laser line are possible. The LightHUB+ can be purchased with the required lasers at time of purchase, and later upgraded by the end user by adding new wavelengths as required, up to the maximum. Pre-assembled upgrade-kits consisting of the laser head. optical combiner block and an interface card can be installed at any time. The fibre output can be equipped with single mode polarisation maintaining fibres or Multimode fibres with various output connectors or collimators, providing beam diameters from 0.7mm. Six individual Analog and Digital Modulation Inputs as well as RS-232 and USB interfaces are incorporated into the system for convenient control inputs. The system is designed to be either passively or actively cooled. By mounting it on an optical table or thicker breadboard, passive cooling is possible. Should the system be operated on a non-conducting work surface, the optional active cooling unit with temperature controlled fans can be attached to the base.

Each LightHUB+ laser light engine is delivered with the Omicron Control Centre (OCC) – Laser Control Software. The software can control multiple lasers and offers a Master section which controls all lasers in parallel. The OCC can be used for daily use or just for configuring the laser for computer independent operation once.

Key Features:

  • Up to 6 wavelengths beam-combined and efficiently fibre coupled in one compact housing.
  • Over 30 different wavelengths available.
  • Wavelengths upgradable by the end-user.
  • Single-mode, polarization maintaining or multi-mode fibre coupling output.
  • Passive or active cooling with optional cooling unit.
  • All lasers with direct analogue and digital modulation.
  • Windows™ based laser control software included.
  • Software drivers for Metamorph, LabVIEW and Micromanager available.

Wavelengths and Powers:

Restrictions in some wavelength combinations may apply. Please ask for possible combinations.

375 nm20 mW, 70 mW
395 nm120mW
405 nm 60 mW, 120 mW, 300 mW
415 nm120 mW
425 nm 120 mW
445 nm 50 mW 100 mW
457 nm 100 mW
460 nm 100 mW
473 nm 20 mW, 80 mW, 100 mW
488 nm 20 mW, 60 mW, 80 mW, 100 mW, 150 mW, 200 mW
505 nm 80 mW
515 nm25 mW, 50 mW, 80 mW, 100 mW
532 nm 50 mW, 80 mW, 100 mW, 150 mW
552 nm  20 mW, 60 mW, 80 mW, 100 mW, 150 mW
561 nm 20 mW, 50 mW, 80 mW, 100 mW, 150 mW
594 nm60 mW, 100 mW
633 nm 100 mW
638 nm 40 mW, 100 mW, 150 mW, 200 mW
642 nm 140 mW
647 nm 140 mW
660 nm 130 mW
685 nm 50 mW
705 nm 40 mW
730 nm 40 mW
785 nm 120 mW, 200 mW
808 nm 140 mW
830 nm 140 mW
850 nm 100 mW
870 nm100 mW
905 nm150 mW
945 nm 200 mW
980 nm200 mW
1030 nm 150 mW
1060 nm
150 mW
1080 nm 80 mW
1120 nm 50 mW
1310 nm
50 mW
1550 nm100 mW

Technical Specifications:

Fiber couplingSingle-mode, polarisation maintaining or Multi-mode fibers
Fiber outputFC/APC, FC/PC, FCP8, SMA and collimated outputs on customer´s request
Modulation capabilities Analogue Modulation:             up to 1.5MHz

Digital Modulation:                  up to 150kHz (full ON/OFF)
Control interface USB 2.0 / RS-232, Interlock and Key switch
Supply voltage12VDC or 90-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Laser control software
WindowsTM based laser control software
Available options LH+.COOL - optional active cooling unit for LightHUB+
XX.CDRH   - optional CDRH remote control box
SizeL x W x H: 402mm x 402 x 97 mm (without cooling unit)
L x W x H: 402mm x 402 x 182 mm (with attached cooling unit

View/ Download the datasheet here.


  • Flow Cytometry
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Optogenetics
  • Test and Measurement
  • Machine Vision

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