Prospective Instruments MPX-series

Extended capabilities –  turn-key, flexible, multimodal, compact. 


Experience the convenience and power of multimodal imaging in a flexible, upgradable, modular package. The lasers and optics are permanently aligned and ready to use so you can spend less time getting things set up and running. More time for imaging. With our unique free-moving scan head, users can image samples of varying size from every angle. Our microscopes are easy to setup and easy to use. They are designed fundamentally to be used by anyone in any location. There is no need for an optical table. Our microscopes are designed to be used anywhere, by anyone. Our microscopes ship fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box. No excessive heat and quiet operation that helps save energy and reduces the cost of system maintenance.

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First Wavelength: 1040 nm

Second Wavelength: 750 - 1300 nm (fixed in range)

Second Wavelength: 750 - 1300 nm (tunable in range)

Resonant-galvo-galvo scanning module OptionalOptionalOptional
Widefield fluorescence modalityOptionalOptionalOptional
Brightfield Epi-modalityOptionalOptionalOptional



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Our goal is it to address multiple areas of interests in the field of life science with only one device and thus unlock the possibility of flexibility and multimodality: from subcellular structures up to large and complex tissue. We combine multimodal imaging ranging from classical Epi-fluorescence up to multi-photon and higher harmonic microscopy with the flexibility of a free-moving scanhead allowing users to operate almost unlimited in the fields of life science.

Some of the possible application areas that can be explored with our device.




The broad field of clinical diagnostics and research is highly complex and poses many challenges in microscopy. Our focus lies on the development of new imaging methods that can be used in the scope of prevention, diagnosis and treatment strategies.

We aim to bring progress to this field of healthcare science and to open up new possibilities to the clinical research and diagnostics community. Therefore, our microscopes can be adapted to the diversity and complexity posed by clinical specimens achieving optimal results and maximizing the gain of information originating from the samples.

Some images made with our devices, giving you and impression applications suitable for our microscopes.


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