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Omicron LightHUB

Omicron LightHUB

The Omicron LightHUB (R) Compact Laser Combiner can be equipped with up to four DPSS or diode lasers of different wavelengths in a compact and rugged design. Wavelengths between 375nm and 830nm and optical output powers up to 300mW per laser line are possible. The Compact Laser Combiners can be equipped with polarisation maintaining fibre coupling units to supply the light to applications in biotechnology like confocal microscopy and flow cytometry.


The Omicron LightHUB® is a scientific light source with applications in the life sciences and fluorescence microscopy field.

Key Facts:

  • The Omicron LightHUB® can combine up to 6 wavelengths from a mixture of laser diode and DPSS laser sources, efficiently fibre coupled into one compact housing (free space output also available).
  • Over 25 different wavelengths available.
  • Single-mode, polarisation maintaining fibre coupling with customisable fibre outputs.
  • Conductively cooled.
  • Windows™ based laser control software included.
  • Field upgradable.
  • OEM versions available.

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