Tokai Hit Stage Top Incubators

Tokai Hit from Japan has a long history of manufacturing stage top incubators for live cell imaging.


The incubators, which have a compact body, can be placed on any microscope stage. Through the innovative design the incubators are easy to handle and offer maximum flexibility, optimised for a multi user microscope system. The large, clear glass top heater provides uniform temperature distribution, preventing condensation for clearer imaging and wider vision regardless of the type of slide or multi well plate.

The chambers can accurately control temperature, CO2 and humidity for long-term time-lapse imaging of living cells and tissues. Additional perfusion solutions can handle media exchange and drug delivery to provide a perfectly stable environment for the cells during the entire experiment, from a few hours up to more than two weeks.

For a brochure describing the latest products, the STX series, click here.


Stage Top Incubators from Tokai Hit allow cell culture from a few hours to more than 2 weeks by maintaining the temperature, humidity and CO2 control on microscope stages. The performance equals that of a conventional CO2 incubator and enables imaging of samples in a cell-friendly environment. Multi-user-friendly theme, It is possible to accommodate a variety of applications, leading to the success of the experiment by varies options.

Click here to view a time lapse of Hela DIC over 3 days, courtesy of Dr. Simon Watkins, University of Pittsburgh Department of Cell Biology

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