Engineered for super resolution quality 

 Two-way image splitter with enhanced performance and simple bypass mode 

The Optosplit II Bypass image splitter is a simple and  elegant device for dividing an image into two separate, spatially equivalent, components that can be displayed side by side on a single camera sensor. 


The Cairn OptoSplit II BP is our best ever dual channel simultaneous imaging device for use with a single camera. It builds on the success of the OptoSplit II, but adds a convenient single lever bypass mode making it more suitable for multi-user microscopes where simultaneous dual channels are only required for specific experiments alongside single wavelength recordings. 

Whilst maintaining compatibility with the OptoSplit II, the BP version now supports our new flat-face filter cubes and has enhanced long-term stability, pixel registration and reproducibility. Featurewise, the rapid Bypass control is complimented by additional space for more auxiliary components. It has a slightly larger footprint than the OptoSplit II and consequently can use longer focal ratio lenses with even better off-axis performance. 

Download datasheet.


  • Single lever switching from split to bypass 
  • Compact design with C-mount input and output ports as standard (F and T mount on request) 
  • Support for sensors up to 31.9mm diagonal (29.4mm in bypass mode) 
  • Budget friendly alternative to two cameras 
  • 425nm to 875nm AR coatings on all optical surfaces 
  • 40mm diameter proprietary optics 
  • Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) 
  • Ratiometric calcium, voltage & pH imaging 
  • Simultaneous multi fluorescent probe imaging 
  • Polarisation studies (anisotropy) 
  • Simultaneous phase contrast / DIC and fluorescence 
  • Simultaneous dual Z depth imaging 
  • Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) 
  • Spinning disk confocal 
  • Single Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) 
  • 3D super resolution PALM/STORM (using cylindrical lenses) 

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