LaserNest® Desktop Diode Laser Series

LaserNest® high-performance desktop diode lasers

Key Facts:
• Plug & Play desktop-style laser
• >30 different wavelengths between 375nm and 1550nm
• Optical output powers up to 500mW
• Fibre coupled output with SM/PM fibres, MM fibres or Liquid Light Guides
• High-Stability CW operation (constant-current or constant-power mode)
• Fast analogue modulation >3MHz
• Ultrafast digital modulation >250MHz
• Electronic shutter function (laser inhibit) with >500kHz full ON/OFF capability
• Automatic Aging Compensation (AAC) function
• USB2.0 and RS-232 interface
• Optional fail-safe laser safety shutter
• Drivers for Metamorph, LabVIEW and Micromanager available


Omicron‘s LaserNest® has evolved from the high performance LuxX+ series that simplifies its use in laboratory and life science applications. Omicron’s electronic modulation capabilities are unrivalled, with fast analogue intensity modulation with up to 3MHz and high-speed digital modulation up to 250MHz. The electronic shutter function provides full ON/OFF modulation with a switching time of <1µs and frequencies up to 500kHz, a feature that is still unrivalled by competitors.

A range of output interfaces is available, including single-mode PM fibre, multimode fibre or Liquid Light Guide.

LaserNest® has a range of power outputs available, up to 500 milliwatt, and more than 30 different wavelengths between 375 and 1550nm. Other options available include clean-up filters and a fail-safe laser safety shutter. Modulation inputs with software selectable voltage ranges and impedance ensure easy interfacing to external devices like cameras, microscopes or DAC cards. The system can be controlled via the integrated USB-2.0 interface using either Omicron’s Control Center (OCC) or third party software.

ModelWavelength (nm)Power (mW)
LaserNest® 375-20 37520
LaserNest®375-70 37570
LaserNest® 405-2040520
LaserNest® 405-60 40560
LaserNest® 405-120405120
LaserNest® 405-300 405300
LaserNest® 415-120 415120
LaserNest® 425-120425120
LaserNest® 445-5044550
LaserNest® 445-100 445100
LaserNest® 445-500445500
LaserNest® 457-100 457100
LaserNest® 457-500457500
LaserNest® 460-100
LaserNest® 473-20 47320
LaserNest® 473-80 47380
LaserNest® 473-100473100
LaserNest® 473-300473300
LaserNest® 488-25 48825
LaserNest® 488-60 48860
LaserNest® 488-80 48880
LaserNest® 488-100488100
LaserNest® 488-150 488150
LaserNest® 488-200488200
LaserNest® 505-80 50580
LaserNest® 515-25 51525
LaserNest® 515-50 51550
LaserNest®515-80 51580
LaserNest® 515-100515100
LaserNest® 515-150515150
LaserNest® 633-100633100
LaserNest® 638-4063840
LaserNest® 638-100 638100
LaserNest® 638-150638150
LaserNest® 642 -140642140
LaserNest® 647-140
LaserNest® 660-130660130
LaserNest® 685-5068550
LaserNest® 70540
LaserNest® 730-4073040
LaserNest® 785-120785120
LaserNest® 785-200785200
LaserNest® 808-140808140
LaserNest® 830-140830140
LaserNest® 850-100850100
LaserNest® 945-200945200
LaserNest® 980-100980100
LaserNest® 1030-1001030100
LaserNest® 1060-1501060150
LaserNest® 1080-80108080
LaserNest®1310-50 131050
LaserNest® 1550-1001550100

Technical Specifications:

Light output optionsSingle mode fibre: SM/PM fibres with FC/PC, FC/APC, FCP8 or collimated output beam

Multi-mode fibre: MM fibre with 50....1500µm core diameter and FC/PC or SMA connectors

Liquid Light Guide output: LLG's with 2, 3, 5 or 8mm core diameter
Long term power stability<0.5% / 8h
RMS Noise 20Hz...20MHz<0.2% (CW)
Operation Modes
Mode 1
Mode 2
Mode 3
Mode 4
Mode 5
CW operation (ACC - Automatic Constant Current)
CW operation (APC - Automatic Power Control)
Analogue modulation
Digital modulation
Analogue + Digital modulation
Analogue modulation
Input signal type
0...5V (1,2kOhm) or 0...1V (50Ohm) - user configurable
Digital modulation
Input signal type
Single-ended input: TTL (200Ohm) or 0...1V (50Ohm) - user configurable
Differential-ended input: PECL / LVDS / HSTL etc. - autom. detected
Laser Enable (electronic shutter)
Input signal type
>500kHz (full ON/OFF)
TTL (2kOhm)
Rise and fall timeAnalogue: < 100ns
Digital: < 1.5ns
Laser Enable: < 100ns
Extinction ratioAnalogue: > 1000 : 1
Digital: > 250 : 1
Laser Enable: infinite (full ON/OFF)
Supply voltage80-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Control interfaceRS-232 and USB 2.0
Dimensions270 mm x 92 mm x 110mm (l x w x h) (w/o fibre coupler)
Options and AccessoriesL.N.SHUTTER Fail-Safe Laser Safety Shutter
XX.Fxxx Clean-Up Filter


For more information, click here to view the Omicron website.

Application examples:

  • Flow Cytometry
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Widefield Microscopy
  • Lightsheet Microscopy (SPIM)
  • Frequency-Domain FLIM
  • Optogenetics

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