Cinogy Custom Line Scan Beam Profiler


The Cinogy Custom Line Scan Beam Profiler will be designed with your application needs in mind. Contact us with your requirements to build a bespoke tool for measuring the beam quality of laser systems. Information on the standard laser line characterisation tool, the Cinogy CLine tool, is available here.

Cinogy Custom Line Scan Beam Profiler Key Features:

  • Customised solution (depends on the application)
  • Fully automated line beam analysis
  • Available with high-resolution CCD / CMOS / InGaAs sensor
  • 250-1800nm (depends on sensor)
  • Fast measurements
  • Line width, homogeneity, edge steepness, etc.
  • Scalable for up to 16x beam profiler
  • Variable beam lengths
  • Sensitivity correction (multi beam profiler)
  • Remote-controllable via XML-RPC interface

View/Download the datasheet here.

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