DPa Double Levers

PPa Parallel Lever-Actuators allow up to 1 mm travel with guidance, because the high strain of nanoFaktur’s MPO stack actuators integrated within allows for smaller constructions at given displacements. Unlike other suppliers’ products, the construction of these levers involves the use of spark erosion to cut the flexures, leading to higher quality, elimination of micro cracks and much longer lifetimes


The high strain of nanoFaktur’s MPO stack actuators, which are integrated into these levers, allows for smaller components than others on the market with the same displacements. PPa levers are equipped with spark eroded flexures to avoid friction (wear, non-accuracies) and micro-cracks, the presence of which causes reduced lifetimes. The typical lifetime for the nanoFaktur DPa series is of the order of 10 billion full stroke cycles. The DPS versions are equipped with strain-gauge sensors (SGS) full bridges, which enable temperature compensated measurement and control to be achieved.

DPO and DPS double lever actuators, driven by nanoFaktur’s superior MPO stack-actuators

Product CodeDPa-b00075DPa-b00100DPa-b00250PDa-b00500DPa-b01000Unit
Displacement (0...150 V)751002505001000µm
Displacement (-45..180 V)1051453657301400µm
Resolution, open loop0.
Resolution, closed loop1.5261225nm
Linearity, closed loop0.
Push/Pull, maximum200/30200/30150/10100/10100/10N
Resonance, unloaded11501000550300200Hz
El. capacitance2.μF
Body materialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Length, L30484882112mm
Height, H1623232626mm
Operating temperature-20...+80-20...+80-20...+80-20...+80-20...+80°C

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