T2a Tip/Tilt, Beam-Steering

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T2a piezo-driven platforms tip and tilt reflective optics in only milliseconds – this with resolutions of nano-rad magnitude. The two standard versions with 6 and 12 mrad deflection are made for optics with up to 3″ diameters. The perpendicular axes are at one level 8.3 mm below the platform-surface.

Single-Axis platforms and special solutions are also available on request

T2a Tip/Tilt, Beam-Steering

Product CodeT2a-b00003T2a-b00006Unit
Angle/Deflection, closed loop3/66/12mrad
Angle/Deflection, open loop4/88/16mrad
Resolution, open loop4080nrad
Resolution, closed loop80160nrad
Linearity, closed loop0.40.4%
Repeatability. closed loop150300nrad
Pivot Point, underneath ø 6 mm mounting platform8.38.3mm
Resonance, unloaded2.411.9kHz
Resonance, loaded with ø 6 mm mounted platform1.71.4kHz
Dimensions (DiamxH)25 x 33.525 x 53.5mm
EL. Capacitance @ 1V eff, 1kHz2.24.4µF
Body materialStainless steelStainless steel
Operating temperature-20...+80-20...+80°C


  • Vacuum Compatibility
  • Suitable driver, open loop, EBO-050100
  • Suitable controller, closed loop, EBD-060100

Download or view tip/tilt actuator data sheet


  • Beam stabilization
  • Beam steering with large deflection angle
  • Image processing
  • Image stabilization
  • Laser scanning
  • Laser tuning
  • Optical switches
  • Optical trapping


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