PPa Parallel Levers

PPa Parallel Lever-Actuators allow up to 1 mm travel with guidance, because the high strain of nanoFaktur’s MPO stack actuators integrated within allows for smaller constructions at given displacements. Unlike other suppliers’ products, the construction of these levers involves the use of spark erosion to cut the flexures, leading to higher quality, elimination of micro cracks and much longer lifetimes


The high strain capability of nanoFaktur’s MPO stack actuators integrated into these levers results the smallest components on the market with such large displacements. PPa levers are equipped with spark eroded flexures to avoid friction and micro-cracks, avoiding reduced lifetimes. These moving platforms from nanoFaktur are guided in parallel under complete control. The PPS versions are equipped with strain gauge sensors which enable temperature compensated measurement and control to be achieved.

PPa Parallel Levers

Product CodePPa-b00100PPa-b00250PPa-b00500PPa-b01000Unit
Displacement (0...150 V)1002505001000µm
Displacement (-45..180 V)1453657301400µm
Resolution, open loop0.20.30.51nm
Resolution, closed loop261225nm
Linearity, closed loop0.
Push/Pull, maximum50/2050/2030/1530/15N
Lateral Force, maximum40403030N
Resonance, unloaded850600340210Hz
El. capacitance1.μF
Body materialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Length, L45596999mm
Height, H202022.522.5mm
Operating temperature-20...80-20...80-20...80-20...80°C

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