HPa Piezo Direct Drives

Advantages of HPa at a glance:

  • Up to 40% shorter for same stroke length
  • Housing is only 12 mm in diameter
  • Isolated connections (electrically insulated from shielding)
  • Versions with 60 V maximum Voltage available
  • Optional strain-gauges (versions HPS) and controllers
  • Versions for high-dynamic use available
  • Hermetically sealed waterproof encapsulation possible


The nanoFaktur HPO and HPS ranges of encapsulated and preloaded piezo-stack actuators have been designed to be long lasting and easy to use. There are M3 or M4 mounting threads at each end of these units. The actuators have longer strokes than any other manufacturer’s, and nominal voltages from 60 to 200 V are available. The stacks have no electrical connections to the casings or the shielding in order to maximise user safety, and the 60 V versions (-30 tp +30 V) are ideal for medical products. Stacks made of optional loss-reduced (hard) ceramics are perfectly suited to high-dynamic range applications. Hermetically sealed waterproof encapsulations are available.

Preloaded piezo stack actuators

Product CodeHPO-a50015HPO-a50030HPO-a50050HPO-a50100HPO-a50150Unit
Expansion (0...150 V)15304590135µm
Expansion (-45..180 V)2347V72143216µm
Resolution, open loop0.
Resolution, closed loop0.20.30.511.5nm
Torque, head-piece to body0.
Resonance, unloaded20161296kHz
el. Capacitance @ 1V RMS, 1 kHz1.µF
Overall length, L24161296kHz
Mass w/o wires1520254055g
Material, encapsulation, EndpiecesStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Operating temperature-50...80-50...80-50...80-50...80-50...80°C
Connection wire, 1.5 m, w/o socketa=P, e.g. HPO-P50015a=P, e.g. HPO-P50015a=P, e.g. HPO-P50015a=P, e.g. HPO-P50015a=P, e.g. HPO-P50015
Connection wire, 1.5 m, w/ Lemosaa=L, e.g. HPO-L50015a=L, e.g. HPO-L50015a=L, e.g. HPO-L50015a=L, e.g. HPO-L50015a=L, e.g. HPO-L50015

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