Mikrotron EoSens Quad 1.1S

The Mikrotron EoSens Quad 1.1S is a result of enhancements in camera technology made by our innovative team of engineers.


Owing to the built-in circular buffer, the Mikrotron EoSens Quad 1.1S could be used without any connection to notebook or PC.  Without extensive experimental set-ups up to 2.48 seconds at full resolution and speed can be recorded.

High frame rates of up to 2500 frames per second ensure consistent control of even the fastest processes.

With its very high frame rate of 2.500 frames per second at a resolution of 1.280 x 864 pixel, the EoSens® QUAD1.1S guarantees an outstanding quality of the pictures. The sharp and crystal clear pictures even show details of very fast objects.

The high photo sensitivity of the Mikrotron EoSens Quad 1.1S (6.400 ASA monochrom / 5.000 ASA color) facilitates the use of the camera, especially, when lighting conditions are difficult.

For detailed information on technical characteristics and special features, please refer to the respective datasheets.

Mikrotron Eosens Quad 1.1S Key Features:

  • 2.500 fps at 1.280 (H) x 864 (V) pixel resolution
  • 6.400 ASA monochrome, 5000 ASA RGB light sensitivity
  • Up to 5 seconds onboard Recording Memory at full resolution and speed
  • Shockproof up to 100 g shock, 20 g vibration
  • Burst Trigger Mode
  • Multi Sequence Mode

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