pco.edge CLHS sCMOS camera

The pco.edge CLHS sCMOS camera offers a large field of view and high resolution, with a ultra-fast Camera Link HS interface without compromising read noise or frame rate.


  • 1187 MB/s bandwidth
  • Extensive FOL cable distance
  • Maximum frame rate of 100fps at full resolution
  • Small form factor
  • pco.edge 4.2 & 5.5 compatible
  • More robust connection – no communication error with Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Fiber Optic Link (FOL)
  • More distance – 10 km with single mode fiber and standard LC connectors
  • More flexibility – real-time trigger over cable with jitter < 12.8 ns and Plug and Play with GenICam and GenCP
  • More open – full CLHS specification is downloadable for free
  • More cost effective – use of standard network hardware components allows multi sourcing

The pco.edge CLHS combines advanced sCMOS technology with an ultra-fast Camera Link HS interface.
CLHS, with its data transmission rates of up to 1.1 GByte/s, is the perfect complement to the high data rates of the pco.edge family.
Fiber optic cables overcome the significant distance limitations of other cable types – with a high degree of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

View / download the datasheet for pco.edge 4.2

View / download the datasheet for pco.edge 5.5

View / download the pco.edge range brochure

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