Omicron LED OEM Modules

The Omicron LED OEM modules provide new possibilities in all applications where strong light radiation with high power stability, temperature stabilised wavelength, direct modulation or flexible light guiding is needed.

The OEM-LED heads of the LEDMOD Series are cascadable and can be configured to functional units, multi-wavelength clusters or lines without the need of extensive wiring, which makes integration into machines, instruments or production lines easy. Omicron also offers a laboratory version, optics for beam shaping, focussing, as well as electronic and mechanical engineering services to adapt this OEM LED light sources to customers applications.


Available wavelengths / powers

  • Deep-UV:
    255nm / 150µW *
    265nm / 400µW *
    280nm / 600µW *
    310nm / 500µW *
    340nm / 350µW *
  • UV / Violet:
    365nm / 450mW
    385nm / 450mW
    405nm / 450mW
  • VIS:
    455nm / 450mW
    470nm / 450mW
    505nm / 100mW
    528nm / 100mW
    590nm / 100mW
    617nm / 450mW
    625nm / 450mW
  • IR:
    850nm / 800mW
    950nm / 800mW
  • White:
    5600K / 400mW

Free emission angle 120 – 130 deg (Deep-UV 10 deg)

Temperature control: active Peltier cooling (TEC)

Ext modulation capabilities: up to 500kHz analogue, up to 500kHz digital

Mod inputs: 1x analogue (0…5V / 2.5kOhm) via SMA connector; 1 x digital (TTL / 5kOhm) via SMA connector

Int mod capabilities: Up to 200kHzwith programmable frequency and duty cycle

Power setting resolution: internal: 12 bit; external: analogue

SYNC output: TTL signal via SMA connector

Computer interface: USB 2.0 and RS232

Operation modes:

1) external analogue control (0…5V) for output power and additional external TTL signal for ON/OFF modulation

2) internal power control with external TTL for ON/OFF modulation

3) internal power control CW (continues wave) operation (no external signals necessary

4) internal power control + programmable frequency and duty-cycle for ON/OFF modulation (no external signals necessary)

5) external power control (0…5V) for output power + programmable frequency and duty-cycle for ON/OFF modulation

Control interface: 15-pin HD-Sub-D connector

The optionally fibre coupled LED’s are the ideal light source for applications like microscopy, fluorescence excitation in Biotechnology, Chemistry or Medicine, UV curing, Photocatalysis, Machine Vision.

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