VUV EUV X-Ray 4k x 4k Camera

The greateyes VUV EUV X-Ray 4k x 4k camera range with back-illuminated 16.8 Megapixel sensors provides exceptional performance.


The greateyes VUV EUV X-Ray 4k x 4k camera range with back-illuminated 16.8 Megapixel sensors provides exceptional performance for most demanding applications in research and industry.

Due to the large pixel size of 15 µm, a maximum full well capacity of 350,000 eˉ and a very low readout noise, the detectors provide an extremely high dynamic range. Flexible readout schemes using 1, 2 or all 4 output amplifiers as well as flexible binning settings are fully supported. A gigabit ethernet interface with full TCP/IP supports flexible integration in large-scale scientific facilities. The sensor placed in front of the flange maximises the possible angle of detection. A separate pumping port can serve the evacuation of the detector in case it is used together with a window flange in air environment. With integrated multistage Peltier elements thermoelectrically to cool the sensor, there is no need for cryo-coolers or liquid nitrogen. The cameras provide precise temperature monitoring of the sensor and the camera head, ideally suited for controlled bakeout to achieve UHV vacuum conditions.

Key Features:

  • Scientific low noise e2V sensors
  • Wafer Scale 16.8 Megapixel CCD
  • Quantum efficiency up to 98%
  • Full well capacity up to 350 keˉ
  • Gigabit ethernet & USB 3.0 interface
  • Deep cooling to min -90°C
  • Read noise: min 2 eˉ rms
  • Max 18 bit dynamic range
  • Wide spectral sensitivity
  • CF DN160 flange with additional port
  • Greateyes Vision software included
  • SDK, LabVIEW & EPICS drivers
  • Ext. trigger, shutter, sync signals
  • Flexible 4-Port Readout & Binning


ModelResolutionCCD Sensor TypeNotes
GE 4096 4096 BI4096 X 4096Back Illuminated-
GE 4096 4096 BI UV14096 X 4096Back Illuminated with UV enhancementHighest EUV / Soft X-Ray sensitivity

View/Download the datasheet here.

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