VUV EUV X-Ray Camera

The VUV EUV X-Ray Cameras from greateyes comes in a variety different resolutions and sensor types to suit your requirements.


Based on a unique platform concept, greateyes offers a portfolio of scientific cameras with vacuum interface for imaging and spectroscopy in the VUV, EUV, soft and hard X-ray range. Incoming photons are directly detected by the CCD sensor. Beside the precise measurement of high energy radiation, the detectors exhibit a high sensitivity in the ranges NIR, VIS and UV as well.

All greateyes cameras combine scientific CCD sensors with ultra-low noise electronics for optimal detection of weak signals. Select among different spectral sensitivities and flange types to find the best solution for your imaging or spectroscopic application. The full frame CCD sensors are cooled by multi-stage Peltier elements. The cameras provide a rich set of functionalities including flexible binning operation, various trigger and synchronization modes, software switchable gain as well as temperature monitoring of the sensor and the Peltier hot side.

Key Features:

  • Compact size
  • Flexible binning modes
  • Quantum efficiency up to 98%
  • Full well capacity up to 700 keˉ
  • Software adjustable gain setting
  • Water and forced air cooling
  • Deep cooling to min. -100°C
  • Temperature monitoring
  • 16 bit digitization
  • CF or ISO-F interface flanges
  • Greateyes Vision software included
  • SDK, LabVIEW and EPICS drivers
  • Ext. trigger, shutter, sync signals


The VUV EUV X-Ray camera range includes different sensors depending on the target energy range and the sensitivity required. The table below shows which sensor type is available for each resolution:

ResolutionFront Illuminated CCDFront Illuminated - Deep Depletion CCDBack Illuminated CCDBack Illuminated - Deep Depletion CCDBack Illuminated - UV Enhanced CCD
1024 X 256GE 1024 256 FIGE 1024 256 FI DD-GE 1024 256 BI DDGE 1024 256 BI UV1
1024 X 1024GE 1024 1024 FI-GE 1024 1024 BIGE 1024 1024 BI DDGE 1024 1024 BI UV1
2048 X 512GE 2048 512 FI-GE 2048 512 BI-GE 2048 512 BI UV1

View/Download the datasheet here.

Larger format (2048 X 2048 and 4096 X 4096) VUV EUV X-Ray cameras are also available.

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