Pika UV Hyperspectral Camera

Pika UV ultraviolet hyperspectral camera from Resonon covers the 330 – 800 nm spectral range. It includes a special objective lens for ultraviolet imaging.


The Pika UV is a pushbroom imager that scans a spectral range of 330 – 800 nm.  Visible light spans the spectral range of 400 – 700 nm, and the Pika UV scans ultraviolet light, visible light, and a little infrared.  The Pika UV can be used in Resonon’s benchtop, outdoor, and airborne systems.

Birds and insects can see ultraviolet light, flowers and plants often have interesting ultraviolet features, and solar illumination extends down to ~300 nm at the Earth’s surface.  Furthermore pharmaceuticals and other industrial products can possess unique ultraviolet signatures, and the Pika UV will be a useful tool for advanced research, industrial sorting, and quality control.

Spectral rangenm330-800
Spectral channels255
Spectral bandwidthnm per channel 1.84
Spectral resolution (FWHM)nm3.2
Spatial channelsper line1500

Download the datasheet here

Spectral Graph for the Pika UV


  • Precision Agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Biotechnology
  • Food Analysis
  • Machine Vision

View application examples here.

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