Resonon Benchtop System

Hyperspectral imaging system for laboratory measurements.


Resonon’s systems are turnkey solutions ready for immediate use, including all hardware and software necessary to acquire and analyze hyperspectral data.

Benchtop systems can be fitted with any of Resonon’s hyperspectral imaging cameras covering the 350 – 1700 nm spectral range.

System components:

  • Hyperspectral imaging camera
  • Objective lens
  • Linear translation stage (Linear Scanning, Backlight, or Lighting & Imager)
  • Mounting tower
  • Lighting assembly with stabilized power supply
  • Spectronon software pre-loaded onto a laptop computer
  • Calibration tile

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  • Precision Agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Biotechnology
  • Food Analysis
  • Machine Vision

View application examples here.

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