Omicron BrixX diode lasers


The versatility of the BrixX® HP lasers covers a wide range of applications such as widefield laser microscopy, optogenetics and semiconductor material testing. Depending on the model, the lasers offer a collimated free-space output beam with single or multiple transverse mode quality. The precise TEC-cooling of the laser diodes and fast and accurate laser current control guarantees stable output power and a stable emission spectrum. Analogue intensity control and digital modulation as well as a Light-Monitoring output can be used to control the laser by electronic signals. The USB2.0 and the RS-232 interface allow deep integration into PC controlled setups and software environments like LabView.

A wide variety of wavelengths and single-mode or multi-mode output powers up to 2.5 Watt can be integrated into the BrixX® platform. The versatility of the BrixX® covers a wide range of applications like RAMAN spectroscopy, machine vision, metrology and many more. The USB2.0 and the RS-232 interface allow deep integration of the lasers into the application’s process.

Key Features:

  • Many different wavelengths between 375nm and 2080nm available
  • Single-Mode optical output powers up to 1000mW
  • Multi-Mode optical output powers up to 3.5 Watt
  • High-Stability CW operation (ACC and APC mode)
  • Fast analogue and digital modulation
  • Electronic shutter function (laser inhibit) with >500kHz full ON/OFF capability
  • Integrated power monitoring
  • Automatic Ageing Compensation (AAC) function
  • USB 2.0 and RS-232 interface
  • Fiber output or free space emission (depends on model)
  • Drivers for Metamorph, LabVIEW and Micromanager available

Wavelengths and Powers:

ModelWavelength (nm)Power (mW)Single Mode (SM)/ Multi-mode (MM)Output
BrixX® 375-400 HP 375400MMFree Space
BrixX® 405-1200 HP4051200MMFree Space
BrixX® 445-2500 HP4452500MMFree Space
BrixX® 445-5000 HP4455000MMFree Space
BrixX® 473-1000 HP4731000MMFree Space
BrixX® 488-2000 HP 4882000MMFree Space
BrixX® 520-1000 HP5201000MMFree Space
BrixX® 633-20 NB63320SM PMFC/APC
BrixX® 763-10 NB76310SM PMFC/APC
BrixX® 773-20 NB 77320SM PMFC/APC
BrixX® 785-40NB78540SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 785-100 NB 785100SMFree Space
BrixX® 785-250 HP785250SMFC/APC
BrixX® 785-500 NB 785500MMFC/APC
BrixX® 795-15 NB79515SM PMFC/APC
BrixX® 808-2500 HP8082500MMFree Space
BrixX® 808-800 HP808800SMFree Space
BrixX® 852-50 NB85250SM PMFC/APC
BrixX® 855-50 NB 85550SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 976-500 NB 976500SMFC/APC
BrixX® 1064-40 NB106440SM PMFC/APC
BrixX® 1064-300 NB1064300SM PM FC/APC
BrixX® 1064-500 NB1064500SMFree Space
BrixX® 1083-30 NB108330SM PMFC/APC
BrixX® 1550-40 NB155040SM PMFC/APC

HP = High Power
NB = Narrow Bandwidth

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  • Machine Vision
  • RAMAN Spectroscopy
  • Test and Measurement

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