Insion Microspectrometers

Insion focuses on small optical spectrometers and spectral sensors which integrate all optical elements on a single micro-molded chip. They develop and produce spectral sensors which are tailored to specific application requests. Their products include the light source, the optical sampling system and the microspectrometer as detection system.


Insion offers ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) optical spectrometer products. These are based on a self-focusing Echellette diffraction grating in the Rowland configuration. The functional elements of the microspectrometer – entrance slit, reflective grating, deflecting mirror and light traps – are monolithically integrated into a single chip. The microspectrometer chip, lid and enclosure are homogeneously manufactured to a high standard with excellent optical performance characteristics and inter instrument agreement using micro-injection moulding technology.

Product features:
  • No moving parts.
  • Excellent mechanical, optical and thermal stability.
  • Unsurpassed price / performance ratio.
  • Small dimensions.
  • Easy and flexible handling.

The state-of-the-art photo detector facilitates precise measurements in the UV, VIS and NIR range in hand held devices and in-line process sensors. The Insion standard products are currently available in the wavelength range between 300 nm and 2,000 nm. Depending on the wavelength range, Insion microspectrometers are equipped with a low noise CMOS, a highly sensitive CCD or a temperature controlled InGaAs line scan detector array. Thanks to the excellent repeatability of the microspectrometer, some of our customers’ products currently utilise wavelengths outside of our standard wavelength boundaries.


Insion´s microspectrometers are available as fibre-connected OEM microspectrometer modules, as OEM microspectrometer systems or as fully housed rugged plug & play kits. The fibre-connected OEM microspectrometer module is a simple module which do not include readout electronics; as a result, it is ideal for integrating into your own system. Alternatively, the OEM spectral sensor system include the module, an electronic platform and software for control and data pre-processing. The fully housed rugged plug & play kit is a great option for end users; it is user-friendly and includes the module, housing, an electronic platform and software for control and data pre-processing.


Typical applications range from instrumental analysis, biological and clinical systems to colorimeters, food inspection systems and fluorescence measuring devices.

The use of the microspectrometer allows for an amazingly small sampling and detection system at the point of interest. Hence minimising typical sampling errors, for example the change of the sample constitution between sampling and off-line analytical investigation. Thus, the microspectrometer grants enhanced specificity and sensitivity.

In addition to significant functional advantages, these applications in decentralised analytics and diagnostics deliver immediate results at minimum cost-per-test.


Click here for more information on applications (Insion Brochure). Additionally, see Insion NIR Microspectrometers and Insion UV/VIS microspectrometers for more details.

Insion customers benefit from the high performance of their microspectrometers in various application fields:

They are integrated into devices that are approved by the FDA, ranging from medical diagnostics, typical areas include in-vitro assays, clinical analysers, point-of-care applications, innovative reagentless hand-held blood analysers and trans-dermal spectral analysers.

Insion spectrometers are the basis for detection systems in the field of food processing, pharmaceutical production, chemical process control and sorting machines as well as for invisible security markers or for detecting hazardous substances.

Other applications are established in the fields of analytical instrumentation, elemental and environmental analysis as well as colorimetry.


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