Prospective Instruments FSX-series of femtosecond lasers




Prospective instruments’ FSX-series of femtosecond lasers offers the following features:

Turnkey, tunable, 24/7 operation

  • Perfect for 2 Photon/SHG/Third Harmonic Generation Imaging
  • Air cooled
  • Compact
  • Single and dual wavelength


Single wavelength: 1040nmYesYesYes
Second wavelength: 750 -1300nm (fixed in range)NoYesNo
Second wavelength: 750 - 1300nm (tunable in range)NoNoYes
Pulse Duration (fs)<130fs<130fs<130fs
Average output power per wavelength>8W>1W @ 1040nm
>400mW @ second wavelength
>1W @ 1040nm
>400mW over range
Pulse energy>100nJ>12.5nJ @ first wavelength
>5nJ @ second wavelength
>12.5nJ @ first wavelength
>5nJ @ second wavelength
Pulse repetition rate80MHz80MHz80MHz
Beam qualityM-squared 1.1 TEM00M-squared 1.1 TEM00M-squared 1.1 TEM00
Pointing stability30microrad rms (12h) const. temperature, <5microrad/degC 18-28degC30microrad rms (12h) const. temperature, <5microrad/degC 18-28degC30microrad rms (12h) const. temperature, <5microrad/degC 18-28degC
Laser outputCollimated Free SpaceCollimated free spaceCollimated free space


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