Femto Easy Row Optical Correlator (ROC)

The Femto Easy Row Optical Correlator (ROC) are ultra compact, easy to use, broadband and robust single shot autocorrelators.


Based on an ultra compact and robust inline setup, the Row Optical Correlator (ROC) allows the measurement of single-shot autocorrelation traces. Specifically designed to offer the easiest user experience, they cannot be misaligned and no calibration or tweaking is needed. Also, they are easily transportable. And yes, they are rock-solid! Besides those advantages, the ROC autocorrelators provide excellent technical performances and highly accurate measurements. The ROC autocorrelators are available for different wavelength ranges and several pulse durations.

Key Features:

  • Extreme ease of use
  • High level of accuracy
  • Only 2 minutes to install and start measuring!
  • No calibration necessary
  • Down to 5 femtoseconds
  • Single shot measurements up to 125 kHz
  • Broad spectral range (450-2000 nm for the broadband model)
  • Ultra compact: 50x50x250mm for short pulse model, 50x50x180mmm for long pulse model
  • User-friendly and powerful software (STAR : Software Technology for Acquisition and Retrieval)

View/Download the datasheet here.

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