Femto Easy BOAR Single-Shot Correlator

The Femto Easy BOAR Single-Shot Row Optical Correlator is easy to use, gives real-time chrip measurements, and temporal and spectral measurements.


BOAR stands for Bimirror based Optical Autocorrelation with Retrieval. This new technique of ultrashort pulses characterization relies on interferometric single-shot autocorrelation and two photon absorption. The time delay is encoded into a spatial interferogram which is used to evaluate the pulse duration, the 2ω spectrum and the chirp. There is no non-linear crystal and no phase matching issues, the spectral working range is therefore very broad (1200 – 2400 nm). The BOAR facilitates simple, extremely robust, accurate and reliable measurements, which are spatially resolved and suitable for rather chirped pulses. Additionally, Fourier transformation allows direct retrieval in real time. Also, two models are available for two different temporal windows.

Key Features:

  • Very easy to use
  • Temporal and spectral measurement
  • Real time chirp measurement
  • No phase matching issues
  • Broad spectral range
  • Nonsensitive to polarisation
  • Suitable for any rep rate
  • Single-shot up to 150 kHz
  • Sub-10 fs in the NIR
  • Achromatic and non-dispersive

Click here for the specification.

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