Cinogy CinCam CMOS Beam Profilers

Laser Detection in a New Dimension with CinCam CMOS.


The particular cost-effective CinCam CMOS Beam Profilers are optimised to provide excellent sensitivity. The Megapixel CMOS sensor provides accurate laser beam analysis with up to 30 fps. The lightweight and ultra-compact design enables easy adaption to standard optical imaging systems and opto-mechanical components ensuring highest flexibility. Choose from the CMOS standard, nano or pico series to suit your requirements.

Key Features of CinCam CMOS Beam Profilers:

  • Small entry-level beam profiler
  • High-resolution MPixel sensor without cover glass
  • Real-time monitoring by high frame rate and dynamic range
  • Standard high-speed USB 2.0 / 3.0 interface
  • Different software versions available: Lite, Standard, Professional
  • Absorptive built-in ND filter as standard
  • Reflective built-in ND filter option available
  • UV options available with phosphor sensor coating (<150 nm – 1,150 nm) and sensor without microlens* (240 nm – 1150 nm)
  • IR option with phosphor sensor coating (1470 nm to 1605 nm)

*This option is available for all models except the CMOS-1201.

CinCam CMOS Beam Profilers Models:

CinCam CMOS ModelFormatStandard Wavelength Range (nm)Resolution (MPixel)Pixel Size
(µm x µm)
Dynamic Range (dB)Dimension (mm x mm x mm)InterfaceData Output (Bits)CW or Pulsed
CMOS-12011/2”400 - 1150 1.35.2 x 5.26840 x 40 x 20USB 2.08CW
CMOS-12021/1.8”400 - 1320 1.35.3 x 5.36240 x 40 x 20USB 2.08Both
CMOS-12031/1.8”400 - 1320 24.5 x 4.56240 x 40 x 20USB 2.08Both
CMOS-12041/2.5”400 - 1100 52.2 x 2.27040 x 40 x 20USB 2.08CW
CMOS-1201-Nano1/1.8”400 - 13201.35.3 x 5.36229 x 29 x 20USB 3.010Both
CMOS-1.001-Nano1”400 - 13204.25.5 x 5.56029 x 29 x 24USB 3.010Both
CMOS-1201-Pico1/2.5”400 - 1150 52.2 x 2.27015 x 15 x 11.5
USB 2.012CW

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