Cinogy Near Field Measurement Tool

Scientific Solution – Near Field Measurement


TheCinogy Near Field Measurement Tool is suitable for focus spot measurements and near field imaging of fiber ends or output surfaces from laser diodes over a wide wavelength range. The set-up is based on the compact CinCam CMOS models and can be assembled with different microscope objectives. These calibrated microscope objectives assured maximum accuracy and enables imaging of small beam structures on the diffraction limit. Magnification from 4 X to 40X is available. The standard sensor has an absorptive in-built ND filter. However, also available are the reflective built-in ND filter, near infrared and infrared options.

Models Available:

MagnificationStandard Wavelength Range* (nm)Numerical ApertureWorking Distance (mm)Focal Length (mm)Optical Resolution (µm)
4 X400 - 11500.115.829.8~2
10 X400 - 11500.256.417.19~1.5
30 X400 - 11500.40.88.33~1.2
40 X400 - 11500.650.64.03~1

*Reflective In-Built Filter Option (320 -1150 nm), NIR (400-1320nm) and IR (1470 – 1605nm) options are also available for most COS models, see datasheet for more details.

View / download the Datasheet here.

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