µ-ROC femtosecond autocorrelator

Meet the µ-ROC, the most compact OEM femtosecond autocorrelator ever,  specifically developed for Ti:Sa or Yb lasers, opening up opportunities never seen before, in terms of integration directly within laser heads of laser systems


ROC stands for Row Optical Correlator. Based on an ultra compact and robust inline setup, the μ-ROC takes the ROC concepts to its limit for the measurement of single-shot autocorrelation traces in the smallest housing footprint ever. Based on the most advanced innovation from Femto Easy, leveraging several years of experience in the single-shot ultrafast instrumentation, the μ-ROC is specifically designed for OEM direct integration into laser heads or laser systems.

Key Features:

  • Pulse duration measurement from 20 fs up to 1.5 ps at 800 or 1030 nm
  • Ultra compact, and alignment free, can be used as a simple camera
  • Robust design, no moving parts. Non sensitive to vibrations
  • Directly powered by the USB cable, no power supply required
  • Suitable for any repetition rate
  • User-friendly and powerful software. REST API for standard software integration using simple HTTP requests


  • Trigger: Synchronization of the µ-ROC detection to an external signal for accurate laser single pulse extraction up to 100 kHz
  • Enhanced Detection: Replacement of the default camera embedded in the µ-ROC by a higher performance one to increase the temporal resolution


µ-ROC modelsTi:SaYbYb-s
Pulse duration range (fs) min/max20 - 50/50050-150/150025-50/1000
Accessible spectral range (nm)700 - 9001020 - 10801020 - 1080
Input pulse repetition rateanyanyany
Single-pulse measurementup to 100 kHz laser repetition rate (with Trigger option, 50 kHz without)up to 100 kHz laser repetition rate (with Trigger option, 50 kHz without)up to 100 kHz laser repetition rate (with Trigger option, 50 kHz without)
Min input pulse energy
Single-shot/ 1MHz/ 100MHz
25 µJ/100 nJ/5 nJ5 µJ/10 nJ/0.5 nJ5 µJ/10 nJ/0.5 nJ
Input polarizationlinear horizontal or verticallinear horizontal or verticallinear horizontal or vertical
DetectionCMOS 12 BitsCMOS 12 BitsCMOS 12 Bits
PC InterfaceUSB 3.1USB 3.1USB 3.1
Beam height (mm)202020
Dimensions (mm)30 x 40 x 4530 x 40 x 4530 x 40 x 45

View/Download the datasheet here.

Autocorrelators are used to measure pulse duration.


The image is a screenshot of the µ-ROC software interface.

The Femto Easy software has been designed to be user friendly and intuitive. This is a modern software compatible with touchscreen that can run either under Linux or Windows. It allows distant control of the devices via PC, tablet or smartphone. We can also provide custom software developments upon request.

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