Cinogy CinCam CCD Beam Profilers

Laser Detection in a New Dimension with CinCam CCD.


The Cinogy CinCam CCD Beam Profilers enables precise laser beam analysis with best price/performance ratio. Due to its high dynamic range the CinCam captures even higher laser modes with outstanding detail. Additionally, the passively cooled sensor is constructed without cover glass to avoid interference patterns.

Key Features of CinCam CCD Beam Profilers:

  • High-resolution passive cooled MPixel sensor without cover glass
  • Real-time monitoring by high frame rate and dynamic range
  • Industrial standard FireWire 1394 b / GigE interface
  • Data output: 14Bit (12Bit for GigE)
  • Absorptive built-in ND filter as standard
  • Reflective built-in ND filter option available
  • UV option available with phosphor sensor coating (<150nm – 1,150nm) on all models except CCD-3501 (Large Format)
  • IR option with phosphor sensor coating (1470 nm to 1605 nm) on all models except CCD-3501 (Large Format)

Large Format CinCam CCD Beam Profiler Features:

  • Flexible tool to analyses VCSEL, laser diodes, line laser, etc.
  • 36mm x 24mm active area with high-speed GigE interface
  • High-resolution 15.7MPixel sensor without cover glass
  • Lidar or 3D-sensing applications

Models Available:

CinCam CCD ModelFormatStandard Wavelength Range (nm)Resolution (MPixel)Pixel Size
(µm x µm)
Dynamic Range (dB)
CCD-12011/2”400 - 1150 1.44.65 x 4.6560
CCD-23012/3” 400 - 1150 1.46.45 x 6.4557
CCD-23022/3” 400 - 1150 53.45 x 3.4564
CCD-3501 (Large Format) 35 mm400 - 1100 15.77.5 x 7.559

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