MW Tech 1550nm Pulsed Fiber Laser

Optimized for Materials Processing at 1550 nm.


This 1550nm Pulsed Fiber Laser (PFL-1550) from MW Tech generates single frequency short nanosecond pulses. It is based on a MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) architecture that uses proven subsystems and proprietary laser pulse generation, triggering, gating and ASE suppression techniques. The laser incorporates real-time stabilisation, control electronics and firmware that continuously monitor and optimise laser operation.

There is also a customised 1550nm Pulsed Fiber Laser option (PFL-LF-1550) which is designed for very low repetition frequency operation.

Key Features:

  • Center wavelength: 1545 – 1555 nm
  • Average output power > 1 W
  • Output peak power > 5 kW
  • Pulsewidth < 5 ns
  • Repetition rate: Single-shot to 150 kHz
  • Spectral bandwidth (at FWHM) < 10 MHz
  • Diffraction-limited output beam

Technical Specifications:

(Optical parameters at 25°C)
Center wavelengthIn range 1545 nm -1555 nmIn range 1545 nm -1555 nm
Center wavelength stability<0.05 nm<0.05 nm
Spectral width (FWHM)<0.5 nm<0.5 nm
Pulse width (FWHM) - fixed<5 ns<5 ns
Pulse repetition frequency20 kHz -150 kHzsingle-shot to 100 Hz
Peak power>5 kW*> 5 kW*
Pulse energy>20 µJ*>20 µJ*
Rated average power>1 W-
Average signal to ASE ratio >20 dB>15 dB
Output polarisationRandomRandom
Trigger rising edge to pulse delay <1 µs100 µs - 500 µs
Trigger rising edge to pulse jitter<1 ns< 1 ns**
Output fiberSMF-28 or equivalent (in 3mm Kevlar optical fiber cable)SMF-28 or equivalent (in 3mm Kevlar optical fiber cable)
Fiber delivery length30 cm30 cm
Fiber terminationFC/APC with attached output beam collimator (1/e2
=1.6mm, f=8.18mm)
FC/APC with attached output beam collimator (1/e2
=1.6mm, f=8.18mm)
Power supply+5 V and +15 V+5 V and +15 V
Dimensions (W x D x H) 205 mm x 255 mm x 48 mm205 mm x 255 mm x 48 mm

*trigger input frequency of 20 kHz

**with external delayed trigger signal (~300µs)

View/ Download the datasheet for the PFL-1550.

View/Download the datasheet for PFL-LF-1550.

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