Cinogy CinSquare M² Tool (Automated Profiler)


The Cinogy CinSquare M² Tool is a compact and fully automated tool for measuring the beam quality of laser systems. Suitable lasers include cw and pulsed lasers from the UV to NIR spectral range. This system consists of a fixed focusing lens in front of a motorised translation stage carrying the camera-based CinCam beam profiler. Its operational robustness and reliability ensures continuous use applications in industry, science, research and development.

According to ISO 11146-1/2 the CinSquare system measures the complete beam caustic and determines M², waist position, divergence, etc., related to the reference plane. To facilitate its use, the CinSquare system is equipped with two alignment mirrors for exact positioning of the laser beam and a filter wheel for incremental beam attenuation.

Cinogy CinSquare M² Tool Key Features:

  • Confirm to ISO 11146-1/2
  • Robust and compact system in industrial design (24/7)
  • Reliable and fully automated M² measurement in <1 minute (~30s fast scan)
  • Camera-based system without scanning slit technique
  • ‘CinCal’ algorithm for high measurement accuracy
  • Compatible with cw and pulsed laser systems
  • Measurement data as printable protocol (pdf)


  • CinCam CMOS/CCD Beam Profiler (200nm-1100nm)
  • Translation stage + controller (150mm-400mm)
  • Alignment mirrors
  • Filter wheel (ND filter)
  • Focusing lenses (75mm-200mm)
  • Software RayCi-Pro

View/Download the datasheet here.

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