Hyper Cam – Hyperspectral Imaging thermal IR camera

The Hyper-Cam is an advanced passive infrared hyperspectral imaging system that combines high spatial and spectral resolution. It provides real-time radiometrically calibrated data for gas and solid detection and identification.

Key benefits include:

Best spectral resolution on the market
Weatherproof enclosure ideal for field measurements
Dual use: airborne and ground-based

Methane emissions from a shallow lake scene, observed with the Hyper-Cam.
Reprinted by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nature Climate Change, © 2015. Credit: Magnus Gålfalk/Linköping University.


The Hyper-Cam provides real-time chemical imaging as well as unparalleled spatial and spectral information about the IR targets under measurement.
With its integrated calibration system and electronics Hyper-Cam can be used in a standalone (and unmanned) configuration for over 24hrs. The standard software interfaces make the sensor easy to use and its new upgraded weatherproof enclosure enables users to benefit from high quality hyperspectral imaging without worrying about changing environmental conditions during field measurements.

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time chemical imaging and simultaneous visible imaging
  • Very high sensitivity enables detection of weak signals
  • Flexible spectral range
  • Dynamic range from ambient to +2,000 Celsius
  • Variable spectral resolution, down to 0.25 cm-1
  • Calibrated data
  • 3 standard field of views
  • Wide field-of-view and high spatial resolution
  • Flexible data products using real-time on-board digital processing
  • Integrated calibration sources ensure accurate radiometric accuracy
  • Easy-to-use Reveal data management suite
  • Compact and portable for field use
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Chemical detection and identification software

Models Available:

Spectral RangeSpatial ResolutionField of viewSpectral Resolution
HYPER-CAM MW3 - 5 μm320 px × 256 px6.4° × 5.1°Up to 0.25 cm^-1
HYPER-CAM MWE1.5 - 5 μm320 px × 256 px6.4° × 5.1°Up to 0.25 cm^-1
HYPER-CAM Methane7.4 - 8.3 μm320 px × 256 px6.4° × 5.1°Up to 0.25 cm^-1
HYPER-CAM LW7.7 - 11.8 μm320 px × 256 px6.4° × 5.1°Up to 0.25 cm^-1
HYPER-CAM XLW7.35 - 13.5 μm320 px × 256 px6.4° × 5.1°Up to 0.25 cm^-1

The Hyper Cam is available for rental – please call us for further information.

View / Download the datasheet.

Applications Notes:

Thermal infrared hyperspectral imaging is well suited for the detection, identification, and quantification of industrial stack gas emissions. This application note describes a measurement campaign performed at the Port of Rotterdam with the Telops Hyper-Cam, a commercial high-performance, FTIR-based hyperspectral imaging instrument. Principles of gas detection, quantification, and identification are discussed and computed mass-flow rate results are presented from data acquired at a commercial alkene production facility.

The extract above is taken from a whitepaper written by Telops titled “Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging for the Detection, Identification and Quantification of Industrial Stack Gas Emissions” Click here to read on

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