eyeMOTION – Control Multiple Cameras through a Single Interface

eyeMOTION is a platform that allows control of multiple cameras of different brands through one interface and a single computer. The system supports CoaxPress, CameraLink, USB, GigE and other standards, and there are plugins available for real time or post processing of images. It is also possible to control additional equipment, including DAQ boards, stage controllers and light source. There is an SDK available so that users can develop their own software routines.


eyeMOTION universal camera control software was originally developed for processing real-time images on large video streams, up to several Gpx / sec. This software is suitable for fast cameras, high resolution cameras and / or the simultaneous management of several cameras.
Originally designed for the fast and smart ProcImage cameras from See Fast Technologies, it is now compatible with various third-party camera manufacturers. eyeMOTION has a multitude of standard or optional features to meet your needs.


  • Acquisition: simultaneous monochrome or color multi-camera management, multi-references, multi-manufacturer in a single interface, supported camera interfaces: GigE, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Camera Link, Camera Link HS, Coaxpress, 10 Gbit Ethernet
  • Play, save, import, export: play forward, backward, slow, stop, pause, loop, multiview with selection of views displayed, movement, overlay with opacity management, …
  • Post processing: superimposition and animation of shapes, images, videos, texts, markers, automatic blob and pattern tracking

Developed by Photon Lines’ French parent company’s spinout, See Fast Technologies, eyeMOTION



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