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Inspection Products from STIL: Point Sensors

Principle of operation for CCS Technology 




STIL’s Chromatic Confocal modular optical heads series is the perfect balance of technology and precision. In order to optimize the choice of your sensor, it is essential to begin by choosing your optical pen according to your accuracy and measuring range needs. The optical pen or optical probe is the measuring head of the sensor. It is connected to the controller via an optical fibre. The various optical pens are defined by different measuring ranges and resolutions. A single controller can work with several optical pens.
Chromatic Confocal technology is the optimized solution to produce different types of high-accuracy measurement. Each optical pen has a different working distance, spot size on the target and angular opening of the light beam. The use of optical pens allows STIL’s technology to be completely contact free, a district advantage over CMM Probes, which can alter or deform the target during measurements. With the right choice of measurement set up there is no need to refocus the light beam on the target for a series of measurements on identical objects. As chromatic confocal optical pens do not require any energy sources and do not have moving parts, they are, in principle, unalterable and do not require a reset or a zero-setting during a series of measurement.

Optical Pens:

CL-MG modular optical heads

CL-MG Modular Optical HeadsMeasuring Range0.1 to 24 mm
Axial Resolution5 to 800 nm
Sample slope+/- 8.5 deg to +/- 42.5 deg

Diameter27 mm

Download data sheet here

STIL’s EVEREST high performance chromatic position sensor comes in two versions, the K1 and the K2: the former with a measuring range of 1 mm, the latter of 2mm, both with exceptional resolution.

EVEREST high performance optical heads

EVEREST High Performance Optical HeadsMeasuring Range1 to 2 mm
Axial Resolution37 to 75 nm
Sample slope+/- 42 deg to +/- 44 deg

Diameter82 mm

Download K2 data sheet here

Download K1 data sheet here

OP universal optical heads

OP universal optical headsMeasuring Range220 μm to 100 mm
Axial Resolution25 nm to 30 μm
Sample slope± 2° to ± 30°

Diameter15mm to 120mm

ENDO – PROBE miniature optical heads

ENDO - PROBE optical headsMeasuring Range100 μm to 10 mm
Axial Resolution25 nm to 900 nm
Sample slope± 4° to ± 24°

Diameter4 mm to 8 mm


CCS – Prima universal controller

CCS - Prima controllerTechnologyChromatic confocal
Working frequencyUp to 2 kHz
Compatible optical pensCL-MG, OP, Everest, Endo-Probe
Input/OutputUSB, RS232, RS422, Trigger I/O, 3 encoder inputs, analog output

CCS – Optima+ high speed controller

CCS - Optima+ ControllerTechnologyChromatic confocal
Working frequencyUp to 10 kHz
SensitivityVery High
Compatible optical pensCL-MG, OP, Everest, Endo-Probe
Input/OutputUSB, RS232, RS422, Trigger I/O, 3 encoder inputs, analog output

STIL – DUO dual technology controller (Chromatic Confocal and Interferometric)

STIL have recently expanded their product portfolio to include a white light interferometer, for applications not suited to their classic range of instruments using their patented chromatic confocal sensors. By combining both techniques into a single instrument they can cover an unrivalled range of sample types, including

  • measurement of thicknesses which are too thin to be measured with a classic chromatic confocal sensor
  • measuring the shape of samples as TSV (Through-Silicon Via) which present a very high ratio depth/diameter

The use of white light interferometry frees the system from the disadvantage of laser based interferometry, which are inherently highly sensitive to vibrations, airflow and sudden movements.

STIL - DUOTechnologyChromatic confocal and White Light Interferometry
Working frequencyUp to 2 kHz
Compatible optical pensCL-MG, OP, Everest, Endo-Probe and OPILB
Input/OutputEthernet, RS232, Trigger I/O

Download data sheet here


Measurement of distance, roughness, thickness and shape in the following and similar industries

  • Micromechanics
  • Semiconductors
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Glass

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