Cinogy CinCam InGaAs Beam Profilers

Laser Detection in a New Dimension with CinCam InGaAs.


The Cinogy CinCam InGaAs Beam Profilers are based on the latest InGaAs technology, allowing high sensitivity imaging in the SWIR range. The 15µm/30µm square pixel beam profiler enables images with high dynamic range and resolution for accurate laser beam analysis.

Key Features of CinCam InGaAs Beam Profilers:

  • Wavelength Range of 900 nm to 1,800 nm
  • High-sensitivity InGaAs sensor
  • Highest pixel operability (>99.5%)
  • Active cooled sensor (TEC)
  • Small pixel size and high frame rate
  • Industrial standard GigE interface
  • 12 Bit (A/D 14 Bit)
  • For continuous wave and pulsed laser beams

Models Available:

CinCam InGaAs ModelQuantum Efficiency (1000nm-1640nm)Wavelength Range (nm)Resolution (px x px)Pixel Size
(µm x µm)
Dynamic Range (dB)
InGaAs-320>70%900 - 1,800 320 x 256 30 x 3060 (gain 1)
InGaAs-640>75%900 - 1,800640 x 51215 x 1559dB (gain 0)

View / download the Datasheet here. CCD Beam Profilers and CMOS Beam Profilers with infrared phosphor coatings are also available in the Cinogy CinCam Series.

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