NanoFAKTUR 250µm CPa Z-Stages

Dynamic and Long-Range Lift
The CPa 250 stage offers long displacements whilst maintaining nanoFaktur’s compact (40x40x30 mm3) high precision construction.  Like the 100 micron version, the CPa 250 is ideal for dynamic applications.

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NanoFAKTUR 250µm CPa Z-Stages are available as a open-loop only model (CPO-L00250 ), and an open or closed-loop model (CPS-D00250). CPO-L00250 and CPS-D00250 are piezoelectric Z-stage with nanometre precision, very small dimensions and long ranges. The footprint is only 40×40 mm


Product CodeCPO-L00250CPS-D00250Unit
Position sensor-SGS, Full Bridge
Range (closed loop)-250µm
Range, open loop (0...150V)190190µm
Range, ope loop (-45...180V)300300µm
Resolution, open loop1.51.5nm
Resolution, closed loop-2.5nm
Linearity, closed loop-0.2%
Lateral force1010N
Resonance, unloaded210210Hz
Resonance, with 100g load190190Hz
EL. Capacitance @ 1V eff, 1kHz2.22.2µF
Body materialAluminium, stainless steelAluminium, stainless steel
Wire length1.51.5m
Operating temperature-20...+80-20...+80°C

NanoFAKTUR 250µm CPa Z-Stages Options:

  • Vacuum Compatibility
  • Non-Magnetic Versions
  • Suitable driver, open loop, EBO-050100
  • Suitable controller, closed loop, EBD-060100

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